Meditation Evening & Energy Clearing Session

Heal Your Life with Past Life Regression
Theta Healing® LIVE Energy Clearing Session
LONDON: 21st May 2016 - SOLD OUT


Theta Healing® DNA 3

Advanced intuitive and psychic development
LONDON: 20-24th June, 2016


Theta Healing® Basic Course

Awaken your intuitive senses and
begin your healing journey.
LONDON: 17 – 19th June 2016


Theta Healing® Manifesting &
Abundance Course

Clearing blocks to your health, wealth and love.
LONDON: 30-31st July 2016


Theta Healing® Rainbow Children Course

Awaken and increase your psychic abilities (Adults)
Belief work, Empathic Readings, Shamanic Journeying, Crystal Layouts and Scrying, Future Readings and Guardian Angels.
LONDON: 13th-17st July 2016



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For all you do for Theta, our blessings, Love Vianna

Vianna Stibal

Anna has helped to heal 4 generations of my family…from the oldest, down to the very youngest! I am so far away from the person who first walked into that therapy room with Anna. My life has completely transformed and I feel empowered, more confident within myself and definitely a new and way more improved version of myself

Raspreet Bhogal

Yesterday I went on the high building in my town and my fear was gone!!! I looked out of the windows and I even could enjoy the beautiful view. It was such a nice feeling. Thanks a lot for your help!! I'm very very happy.

Anne, Germany

Since attending the course back in February, I have rekindled an old relationship, moved into a house that I can call home with my new partner, started working for myself and have been able to secure some big contracts with great clients which will see me through to the end of the year allowing me to become debt clear for the first time since university which is weirdly a lot of the things I manifested when I was on the course.

Diana Findlay, U.K

I was well impressed that Anna could sense all my inner worries and emotional blocks.She described my life as she knew me since from my childhood. I could not believe it. She told me things which I was keeping only to myself. I was stunned. When she was healing me I felt a sensation going through my body. After the healing session; I feel more connected to my heart and content. My confidence improved and I managed to get a new job within a month after the session.

Zanet, London, UK

What an amazing experience! Anna has a great gift of imparting a very complex subject with such clarity, warmth and humour. Anna supported a healing I was having in class, in letting go of grief. This felt very safe and her knowledge, spiritual intuition and guidance resulted in me letting go of the sadness and feeling completely free and light after the healing, this feeling has stayed with me since. I have started to give Theta Healing to my clients, with such incredible results in a very short time. Theta is amazing!

Diane Wilman, Counsellor, Thought Field Therapist & Reiki Master, UK

I want to thank you for your kind heart and for taking me through this amazing journey. You are very special and what you do and most of all how you do it is simply beautiful and was very comforting for me. I honestly must say that I've been to quite a lot of workshops but never felt so conected to a mentor.You made this experience very special to me and to feel so much at ease, it has never happened to me as before I wouldn't even raise my hand to ask a question in front of the group. You just made it happen for me so thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Agnieszka Szkudlarek, UK

Theta Healing® Sessions with Anna Kitney

held in-person at Light Centre Belgravia or via phone or skype.