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How to Turn Your Inner Beauty into Outer Radiance

How often do you stand in front of a mirror and find yourself criticising the body temple that you live in?

‘I hate my thighs.’
‘My bum is too big’
‘My breasts are too saggy’
‘My hair is limp’
‘My face is filled with wrinkles’
‘I look old.’
‘I am ugly.’
‘My legs are too short’.
‘I am fat.’
‘I have eaten too much and now I must starve myself.’
‘My legs are full of cellulite.’
‘My lips are too small.’

Or perhaps, you stand in front of the mirror and see the story of your life on display. It may go something like this – my flabby belly is the reason I am still single, the dark circles under my eyes show that I am overworked and underpaid, my large thighs reveal that I was unloved as a child and found comfort in food,  the wrinkles on my face are really lines of anger and frustration, my double chin tells that I suppress my feelings instead of expressing them.

Or maybe you avoid the mirror, choosing not to see your reflection because you are afraid you will be left feeling disappointed. Or, simply feel your physical self does not matter.

The reasons for avoiding, negating or rejecting the self goes on and on, and for many this destructive internal dialogue can go on all day, everyday.  Plaguing, consuming or just simply provoking your sense of low confidence and self worth.  Any thought that says ‘there is something wrong with me’ is self sabotaging.  Energetically, self sabotage is a very harsh, abusive, attacking energy that belittles one’s spirit and in turn creates a vacuum that attract’s other people to treat you the same way.  And so, the cycle of rejecting and negating continues.  For some this cycle becomes totally out of control, and the relationship to food and the body gets so distorted that bulimia, anorexia and body dysmorphia develops.

Whatever your mirror story is, there is one truth that must be honoured – Your inner beauty must become your outer radiance.’

Clear the toxic thoughts and negative emotions

In order to achieve this, the toxic thoughts and negative emotions must go. Poor body talk paralysis your radiance and stops you from contacting your inner beauty.   You precious soul, can no longer collapse your vibrancy with criticisms, insecurities and destructive thoughts. You can no longer live in a way that diminishes your sparkle, and you can no longer live in body that you feel is a prison.

So, weed out all the negative beliefs you have about yourself, including the one’s subconsciously given to you by your family, friends and the media.  Then tend to your unique beauty, supporting it to blossoming with kind words. Let your inner dialogue be so loving that it become a fertilizer, nourishing your soul to grow, expand and radiate from every cell in your body.

“Your inner beauty, must become your outer radiance.”

Vanya Silverten

8 Tips for Inner Beauty

1. Exercise and Water. Yoga, swimming, go hiking, cycling, walk the dog. When you exercise and move your body, you get a rush of endorphins – these are the good feeling hormones. Your body will start to tone up and you’ll end up having more energy for the rest of the day. Drinking 6 glasses of water a day will keep your body and cells hydrated. Humans are approximately 75% water. You’ll have cleaner skin as your body will be able to eliminate toxins more effectively.

2. Good nights sleep. Getting enough sleep can not only help you to look better, but most importantly to feel better. It will help to balance hormones, so you’ll be in a better mood. The body grows and repairs during the sleep cycle.

3. Be kind and have beautiful thoughts.  A person that radiates kindness and generosity of heart can  not only feel beautiful in themselves, but can be regarded as a beautiful soul by many. Make your thoughts and energies beautiful ones and your reality should follow suit.

4. Straighten your posture. Throw your shoulders back, hold your head high. A straight posture will expand the lungs capacity for oxygen to the rest your body. Even if you are not feeling happy maintain this kind of posture for long enough and you should soon begin to feel the effects on your mindset too.

5. Release Stress. Stress can hurt us both internally and externally. What can you eliminate from your life? What can do delegate? And what can you simplify? Explore why you are taking on to much in your life that is causing you stress. And what empowered actions can you take to eliminate it?

6. Observe and avoid judgement. Letting go of your judgments about others and yourself. Comparison is the theft of joy. Instead just observe the world around you. Start to look for the beauty around you. What you focus upon grows.

7. Say ‘Thank You’. Have gratitude and appreciation to others around you. A thank-you goes a long way.

8. Awareness of your infinite self. You are an all-powerful, spiritual being. You are made of light. Your body is the vehicle through which you travel through time.

Honour your body temple

Your inner beauty, must become your outer radiance, is not a new years resolution or an inspiring quote. It is a spiritual truth that must be embodied in order to experience joy in your body and heaven on earth.

If you are ready to honour your body temple, contact your inner beauty and shine your radiance then the Theta Healing® Rhythm course is for you!  You will learn how to:

  • Understand the link between food, emotions, vitality and the Chakras
  • The art of intuitive and sacred eating
  •  Transform your family and ancestral beliefs related to food and nurture
  • How to be slim and trim without starvation or feeling deprived
  • How to deal with being underweight/overweight and get back in balance
  • Transform your perceptions of physical and emotional beauty
  • Clear beliefs relating to self-esteem and self-confidence.
  • Receive numerous empowering beliefs it that promote self worth, confidence, beauty, vitality and joy.
  • Learn to smile with immense love for the person you see in the mirror.

This class is also perfect for Theta Healing® practitioners to gain new skills and insights.  Many clients often seek help to transform their self worth issues so that they can find their soul purpose. Guiding a client through this process can be extremely rewarding.

By Vanya Silverten


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