In this 2 days workshop you could re-experience many times your biggest journey to this life via various exercises in a beautiful gentle way. By reconnecting with your own birth and releasing negative energetic imprints will help you realise your own ability for being loved and being good enough and just let life be magic again.

Discover the immense opportunity of life by Rebirthing and Transforming yourself in this 2 days workshop.

Rebirthing is a collective concept for releasing blocked, hidden emotional pattern and destructing beliefs, also to rebuild our first imprinted 9 months in the womb. You live as you were born and you have all the skills to transform it.

Taking breath so evident we’ve forgotten its immense power of healing, calming and rejuvenating. You will learn a simple yet very powerful conscious breath technique called vivation as the shortest way to build the bridge between the conscious and subconscious, the mind and the body. It will make you explore the original self-regulatory system of your own life force which by focusing and controlling your own breath will flow again and balance you mentally, emotionally.

Through various solo, pair and group exercises you will practice your focus and breath as they will lead you to those hidden patterns that block your life. Once you find them, the flow of the energy you created yourself will let that go forever. You will feel and see as it goes away confirming its end and you will fill it with joy as that is the real inner force of us. ( chi, ki, prana, e.g).

This course is designed for releasing all the shock, traumas, negative emotional patterns of our very first journey to/in the womb. These patterns were imprinted so deep that we hardly could find them without dedicating special attention to this. We ‘ll dedicate time to find the most involved and accused part of this period of yours and we will heal it by breathing, guided meditation, and exercises.


27-28th May 2017

Time: 9:30am – 5:30pm
Where: 2 Edith Grove, London, SW10 0NW,
United Kingdom

Prerequisite: None required.
This is NOT a Theta Healing® course.
Includes: Manual, refreshments

KatalinRapi portrait - Rebirthing Transpersonal Breath Technique (Vivation) Workshop

Katalin Rapai

Professional breath trainer and Rebirther – Trained and certified by Prof Vlagyimir Kumin
Advanced ThetaHealing® Instructor and Practitioner

Rebirthing with Group Healings

The 8 stages of the evolution in the womb are all responsible for different parts of our life such as money, divine connection, self-love, visibility, how we approach life, how confident we are in our gender, our capability of handling risk, cooperation, ability of sexual joy, connection with our body etc. We will clear many common traumas and beliefs connected to this early stage with energy clearing exercises.

In this 2 day workshop:

  • You will have a quick access to your own life force, making you vital, keeping high your vitality and hope, faith in life. Balancing your prana and aprana energy
  • You will see your answer to your “why’s” much clearer.
  • You will understand the key stages of the birth
  • You will heal your primer connection to the world on Earth determined by our connection to our mother. Once your relation is healed you will walk away with lasting and intense feeling of being grateful for everything which is the most important step ahead to a balanced and confident life and the fundament to prosperity.
  • You will have an introduction to the 8 stages of the evolution in the birth and how it affects your life.
  • Rewrite the painful experience of caesareans, wind up umbilical cord, severe hospital conditions, painful labour pains, side effects of analgetics, implantations, poisoning, unwanted sexuality etc.
  • Diving into self love will help you to attract a loving soul mate
  • Healthy and harmonic collaboration between women, mother and child

So who is this workshop for:

… Men and women who want real transformation and access to life force and joy
… If you want to have a good, balanced, loveable connection with all surrounds him/her
… If you want to end constant fight between parents and kids
… To get rid of the feeling of being disconnected from the divine
… Let go the not good enough feeling forever
… For those who prepared to accept prosperity
… For Healers to go deeper in their own intuition and experiencing a deeper layer of hidden patterns

I couldn’t start my own company, or any of my new project. I always waited for help, I felt stuck. When help arrived in my life finally from a man I felt angry, I destroyed the relationship sooner or later. After discovering that my caesarean birth was totally pointless and it was simply doctor’s convenient (who was a man), faking it as it was necessary help, I could release all the anger and the beliefs that my life depends on them and I’m not capable alone to do anything. By building up the tunnel feeling we implemented the “I can do it” feeling in my whole system and voila I have my own flourishing flower and gift shop with my man business partner.

K. Susanne Hungary

What to bring with you:

  • Yoga Mat
  • Paper and pen
  • Blanket
  • Water, important to be hydrated

Preparation for the workshop:

  1. Please ensure you are fully hydrated.
  2. Please eat light food before and during the course

Rebirthing WorkshopNEW COURSE!

£ 250

£95 deposit
  • Remainder due 1 week before the start of the course