“My mission is to educate and awaken, igniting people’s health and happiness, and empowering them to become vibrantly strong.”

– Sky Acamesis


Sky Acamesis is a Nutritionist, Master Theta Healing® Instructor, author and speaker

Armed with an abundance of knowledge, scientific research and a true desire to help people regain their energy and vitality, Sky empowers and inspires people to take charge of their health and happiness through her books, live events and online courses.

A respected international speaker, Sky’s expertise in nutrition and metaphysics has led her to share the stage with Anna Kitney, Vanya Silverten, Jay Diamond, as well as many female thought-leaders.

With a natural ability to break even the most complex of concepts into layman’s terms, Sky’s health messages embrace her unique three-pillared approach that explores the interplay between nutrition, metaphysics and the biochemistry of the body.

It’s no surprise that when it comes to achieving and maintaining ultimate health and wellbeing, this programme gets brilliant rapid, results.


ThetaHealing® Basic & Advanced Teacher & Practitioner
ThetaHealing® Family Ties Practitioner
ThetaHealing® Intuitive Anatomy Practitioner
ThetaHealing® DNA3 Practitioner
Certified Hypnotist
Certified Angel Reader

Currently completing an advanced diploma in counseling & psychotherapy.

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Skype Only

      • 1hr session £219
      • 90 mins session £315
      • 30 mins Children (under 18) £60
      • 5 x 1hr Theta Healing® Session Package £880

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