Developing Your Healing Abilities

Practice Theta Healing®, share, clear beliefs, gain confidence and manifest with other Theta healers in friendly and supportive group. These practice groups are guided by one of our experienced Theta Healing® teachers.

We begin with opening meditation, a lecture and a group healing. Your instructor will be on-hand to answer your questions.

Suitable for practitioners of all levels.

These practice groups are open to all who have completed the Theta Healing® Basic course or higher and wish to practice their skills further. Either for self-development or to improve their skills as a professional practitioner. It is an opportunity to ask experienced Theta Healing® teachers and practitioners about Theta Healing® course material.

Give and receive healing in a safe and supported space with fellow practitioners. This is your opportunity to clear the blocks in all areas of your life that you may have not had the chance to address during a course. Each practice group will be themed based on the Life Wheel. All levels of ability are welcome.

Practice Theta Healing®

  • Pull and replace beliefs and download feelings
  • Refine digging skills
  • Gain confidence
  • Brainstorm questions
  • Be a part of the growing Theta Healing® community!

Join us now, improve your skills, give and receive healing.


Due to COVID19, with restrictions on student numbers in hotels, we will be running all the Theta Healing® Practice Groups online this year. After purchasing your selected dates, you’ll be give access to an online portal to complete your registration for the webinar.


manifestingABUNDANCE 2 - Online Theta Healing® Practice Group

20th November 2020

Manifesting Abundance

Magnetizing Miracles for Success

  • Releasing resistance to allowing plenty
  • Releasing shame and guilt for desiring more
  • Understanding the highest definition of success
  • Disconnecting from collective consciousness fear mentality
  • Embracing change – fixed mindset versus growth mindset
  • Releasing the fear of rejection
  • Letting go of blame and stepping into 100% responsibility
  • Guided Manifesting Meditation with the Merkabah

Host: Anna Kitney

Time: 7:00-9:00pm GMT

Investment: £25


PLEASE NOTE: you must attend live. There is no replay.

EEG sensor results were recorded and analyzed. - Online Theta Healing® Practice Group

15th Dec 2020

Love, Health and Money Manifestation

Make 2021 a Fresh Start

Join all our instructors for this very special evening as we prepare to usher in a new year filled with new possibilities. It’s time to surrender the past, to detach from the old story. It’s time to begin a new chapter in your life.

Get your journal’s, smudge your homes, light a candle and get ready to make space for the new year. You’ll be guided in energy clearings, guided meditation, rituals and processes designed to support you in the best way possible.

Hosts:  Anna Kitney, Vanya Silverten, Skylar Acamesis and Chaïma Essayed

Time: 7:00-10:00pm GMT

Investment: £44


Replay WILL be available to all registrants

Recorded Practice Group Bundles

MoneyMindsetForHealers Cover - Online Theta Healing® Practice Group

Money Mindset

for Healers

These two recorded Theta Healing® Practice groups will support you in the exploration of your money mindset as a healer or therapist. Release your blocks to charging money for your spiritual work. Let go of resistance to receiving all the abundance that the Creator has for you.

What’s included:

  • 140 mins recording of Money Mindset fundamentals with a Gratitude Process. With a healing demonstration.
  • 100 mins video recording of a live Theta Healing® practice group about pricing, packages, charging money for spiritual and healing work.
  • Each practice group has an energy clearing session.

Investment: £67

manifestingABUNDANCE title - Online Theta Healing® Practice Group

Manifesting Abundance

Aligning with the Infinite Supply

Theta Healing® Practice Group and Guided Meditations will support you in the exploration of your abundance mindset as a coach, healer or therapist. Release your blocks to deciding what you really want. Letting go of resistance to receiving all the abundance that the Creator has for you. And finally how to take inspired and practical action to move forward.

What’s included:

  • Recorded 2hr Theta Healing® Practice Group on Manifesting Abundance
    • Blocks to receiving infinite abundance
    • Releasing scarcity mentality
    • How to effectively use the Law of Attraction
    • Understanding the other laws in manifesting
    • Inspiration actions to receive the new abundance
  • Recorded Meditation from Live Event in London with Anna Kitney, Vanya Silverten and Skylar Acamesis (1hr and 20 mins)

Investment: £25

cultivatingPOWER title - Online Theta Healing® Practice Group

Cultivating Power

Awakening to Your True Authentic Self

Discover what real power means and how to cultivate it. How power has been mis-used in history, causing distortions in our ancestral beliefs. You’ll release unconscious bias, hatred and prejudice that holds your power back. Heal the feminine wound – healing past lives from been killed as a healer or psychic that is causing you to struggle in your visibility and claiming your true power. And begin to remember your real authentic self.

What’s included:

  • Recorded 2hr Theta Healing® Practice Group with guided meditation and energy clearings
  • BONUS: 90 mins Live Recorded Meditation with Anna Kitney, Vanya Silverten and Skylar Acamesis (WORTH £47)

Investment: £25

cultivating intuition title - Online Theta Healing® Practice Group

Cultivating Intuition

Increasing Your Psychic Abilities

Host: with Sky Acamesis

  • History of revered and respected Healer / Wise elder / Shaman / Seer
  • Understand all your intuitive centres
  • Psychic opening exercises
  • Opening the chakras
  • Energy Clearing to blocks to been a psychic
  • Releasing past life trauma of the ‘burning of the witches’
  • Releasing prejudice against the healer, therapist, psychic
  • Knowing the difference between your voice and the voice of the Creator
  • Practicing future readings for accuracy and with detachment

Investment: £25