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Private Theta Healing® Sessions

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Achieve more love, happiness, well-being and prosperity with a healer supporting you. Whether you’re looking to discover your life purpose, gain clarity on the next step forward, feeling stuck in any area of your life, our Master and Advanced Theta Healers® can help you get there. Commit to your journey with intention, and have the accountability to create your desires!

Master Theta Healing® Instructors & Practitioners

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CEO, Founder, Master Theta Healing® Practitioner & Teacher Certificate of Science, High Performance Coach

Anna Kitney

Teacher to teachers, Healer to Healers, Intuitive Business Coach for Legacy Leaders and Change makers

Anna Kitney is a Master Energy Healer, spiritual teacher, international speaker, entrepreneur and intuitive business coach. Anna is the CEO and Founder of the UK’s leading Theta Healing® Training organisation – Bourgeon with around 40 live events a year. Her client list included royalty, celebrities, and multi-million pound business owners from across the world.

Having been a student of personal development for over 25 years, and a trainer for the past 10 years, her wealth of experience spans health and wellness, healing abuse trauma, transforming mindset, peak performance and financial success. In her private coaching practice, Anna works with the fate-changers of the world that are creating movements and initiatives. These include bringing cultural diversity into the media, workplace and entrepreneurship. Clearing unconscious bias in sexuality, and creating training and support programs for single mothers who have suffered abuse in relationships.

Anna holds the highest qualification in Theta Healing® and is world renowned. With students from over 50 countries, traveling to London for her certification courses. Anna is passionate about empowering women and men to create a business and life they’ll love.

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A 48 hour notice is required to cancel or change your appointment, otherwise the full single session fee will be charged. Click here for full terms and conditions.

Advanced Theta Healing® Practitioners

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Advanced Theta Healing® Practitioner, Belly Dancer

Giada Tramonti

Relationship Coach for Single Women or in a Relationship, Feminine Energy empowerment, SoulMate

Giada Tramonti is an International Energy Healer, a Feminine embodiment and Relationship Coach and a Body Mind Belly Dance Teacher. She is also the CEO of Goddess Elements.
A leading Feminine, intimacy and relationship polarity expert with a vast knowledge and embodiment in energy medicine, spirituality and psychology, she helps high achieving women release toxic and unhealthy patterns in relationships and rise into sovereignty to attract authentic and healthy relationships. She guides women to heal their heart, anchor safety into their body, reclaim their confidence, self-worth and open to their sensual and sacred sexual power to create a life of purpose and divine alignment.

After working with Giada women transform their identity and become the most authentic version of themselves, embody their Feminine essence and attract their dream relationship with a masculine man and/or deepen the intimacy with a current partner. Giada combines a unique approach of energetic and mindset reprogramming, embodiment practises and Belly Dancing to accelerate results.

ThetaHealing® Soul Mates Practitioner
ThetaHealing® You and Your Significant other Practitioner
ThetaHealing® Wealth Consciousness Practitioner
ThetaHealing® Dig Deeper
ThetaHealing® Family Tie Practitioner
ThetaHealing® Advanced Practitioner
ThetaHealing® Basic Practitioner
Relationship Coach
Assertiveness Coach
Access Bars Practitioner
Access Consciousness Practitioner

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Advanced Theta Healing® Practitioner, Yoga & Meditation Teacher

Nic Clackson

Mental or Physical Healing, Career & Financial Abundance Blocks, Life Purpose, Children

had a profound experience with energy and visualisation work at age 13. Prone to getting ear infections on family holidays to Malta, this particular trip it prevented our flying home, even though taking prescribed antibiotics, I was still in pain. Looking for additional help we were recommended to visit an amazing lady, she cleared and balanced my energy, and gave me insight into a new way of understanding myself which was a revelation.

I went on to study and practise colour and other forms of vibrational healing, feeling very happy and drawn to this learning. In my career as an actor and hand model in the world of film and photography, I worked with understanding energetics, presence and mind/body connection in a different way. A turning point for me was the painful breakdown of a relationship. I went to the healing tools I knew, needing shifts from the continuous loop in my head left over from this experience. I wanted my clarity, confidence and freedom back, but was experiencing the opposite.

Theta Healing® had been recommended to me, and I had come across Bourgeon at an event a few years before. I loved the webinars and meditation evenings I attended, however it was during this challenging time that I had my first 1-2-1 Theta session, my situation completely and rapidly transformed. I knew I wanted to learn more about this way of healing for myself and others.

Through my own journey with Theta Healing, I’ve stopped waiting for permission, or anything I thought needed to be in place, and taken myself to where I dreamt to be. I’ve allowed myself to live in the now, stepping fully into what I was called to do all along.

My role as healer is to facilitate the connection between whoever I’m working with and their higher knowing- the root cause is discovered, opening up shifts and wonderful possibilities for them. I’m particularly drawn to helping people who help people, those who give to others and need a reframe to restore and replenish themselves. I assist with issues of physical and mental health, finances, love or life purpose.

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Advanced Theta Healing® Practitioner & Mindfulness Life Coach

Selma Ferhat

Career & Financial Abundance Blocks, Soulmates, Marriage, Physical Healing, Children

Meet Selma, a remarkable healer and teacher whose passion for empowering individuals and facilitating their journey towards healing and self-discovery knows no bounds. With a heart overflowing with compassion and a spirit radiating positivity, Selma has dedicated her life to guiding others on their path to wholeness.

Born with an innate gift of empathy and an unwavering belief in the human potential for transformation, Selma embarked on her healing journey early in life. Her deep understanding of the mind-body connection and the power of holistic healing modalities led her to explore a diverse range of practices, from energy healing and meditation to mindfulness.

Throughout her career, Selma has touched the lives of countless individuals, helping them navigate through life's challenges, heal past wounds, and uncover their true selves. Her sessions are not just about physical wellness but also about nurturing emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being.

What sets Selma apart is her commitment to empowerment. She doesn't see herself as a mere healer but as a guide, encouraging her clients to take an active role in their own healing process. Through her gentle guidance and unwavering support, she inspires people to tap into their inner strength and resilience, enabling them to overcome obstacles and blossom into the best version of themselves.

In addition to her healing practice, Selma is a dedicated advocate for holistic wellness education. She conducts classes and seminars, sharing her knowledge and wisdom with communities far and wide. Her dream is to create a world where everyone has the tools and knowledge to heal, grow, and lead a fulfilling life.

With her radiant energy, boundless compassion, and a deep commitment to the well-being of others, Selma continues to be a beacon of hope and healing for all those fortunate enough to cross her path. She stands as a testament to the transformative power of love, empowerment, and the human spirit's ability to rise above adversity.

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Advanced Theta Healing® Practitioner & Wellness Coach

Sirin Ortanca

Health, Wellness, Weight-loss, Body Image, Self-Love & Confidence, Relationships, Manifesting, Female Empowerment

I have been teaching in Health & Fitness sector for 20 years. As a master coach I trained more than 10,00 instructors world-wide, and presented at many international conventions. Teaching that many people made me see that what truly changed peoples lives was how they felt about themselves inside and that this deeply reflected on the outside. When you truly step into your worth, the knowing of who you are, your value and being deeply kind and compassionate to yourself, your health, relationships, career and life thrive. When you mind, heart and body are connected and in sync, your true potential and inner fulfilment are found. As a woman with 2 decades of teaching and training others, my passion is to deeply empower you so that you can go out and live life on your terms with your health, your relationships, your career and wealth. My passion, along with my teaching abilities, my coaching & healing certifications, and my own inner & outer transformations allows me to take you on the journey of creating the change you want and reaching the goal you desire in the most nourishing of ways. Welcome to you world of happiness.

QTS Teacher Status
Teacher Trainer
CYQ Certified Personal Trainer & Nutritionist
STOTT Pilates Coach & Fitness Instructor
Certified Life Coach, NLP, Hypnosis, Time Paradigm Technique
Theta Healing: Basic, Advance, Dig Deeper, You & Creator, Manifesting & Abundance, Game of Life
Sacred Star Embodiment Coach