We have evolved, and are now called SoulAlign® Life

A brand of Anna Kitney Coaching and Mentoring


Story of Our Evolution

With Guided Meditation and Energy Clearing


We're still committed to your personal development journey.

We still love Theta Healing®, so you can continue to book your Theta Healing® Sessions.

Our team of advanced practitioners will assist you with your dreams and desires for better health, improved life balance, loving relationships, successful careers and discovering life’s purpose. 

As a Practitioner works with you and your self-limiting beliefs, you’ll uncover self-sabotaging patterns in your life. Then transform them into loving and empowering beliefs so that you can move forward in your life. By changing your beliefs, you change your actions and therefore the results you are getting in your life.

What is SoulAlign® Life?

The Membership for High Performance, Health, Wealth and Soulful Happiness. We’re dedicated to empowering you to live a soul-led life. Evolve and uplevel all facets to create a vision to fulfil your truest desires. A year of magic and miracles that you deserve.

Achieve your life goals easier than ever before. This is your invitation to a 12-month immersion of transformation on every level of your being.

High-Performance Coaching

Live group coaching calls with Anna Kitney and Luci Valente to clear the resistance, gain momentum and create a life you'll love.

Montly Meditations

Monthly live guided meditations and energy clearings. Evolve your spiritual connection to the sacred divine.

Guest Experts

Experts in wellness, fitness, spirituality, relationships, sex, family, money, and so much more.

SoulAlign® Life Membership

Get 12 months of High-Performance Coaching, Energy Healing and Meditations