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Master the ThetaHealing® Technique. Join us on a life changing 15 day course of self-discovery and transformation. Take a journey through the body’s systems, where you’ll develop the ability to intuitively see and hear each organ.

Discover the emotions and beliefs that are inherent in the body, as well as those that can lead to physical disease. As you release and resolve limiting beliefs, emotions and trauma, you become a clearer channel to work on your clients and yourselves, through Creator of All That Is. Accelerating quantum healing on every system and organ within the body.

The most intensive, effective and superior course for self-healing

The Intuitive Anatomy Course is the most comprehensive ThetaHealing® course, and is a perfect compliment to other healing modalities. You will be able to further enhance your healing practice, and gain invaluable knowledge on the various systems of the body. A unique and truly life changing journey – healing seminar, self-development workshop and intuition training all in the one course.


Time: 10am – 6pm daily
Teacher: 17th May – 2nd June 2024
Where: Online
Investment: £2,222

Master Your Healing Abilities
15 day healing intensive to increase your personal growth in every area of your life. Gain professional confidence  as a Theta Healer®.
Increasing your intuitive body scanning ability by over 10 times. Confidently see into the body to work with any client.
Gain confidence to start and grow your healing practice. Know that you are worthy of charging and accepting money for Theta Healing® therapy services.
Juice bar Anna Kitney - Theta Healing Intuitive Anatomy Course

I'm Anna Kitney

Theta Healing® Master Instructor & Practitioner, Cert Science

I'm passionate about personal and professional growth and development. My mission is to awake and evolve humanity to their greatest potential through healing, collaboration and inspired action.

Spiritual Bootcamp

This is the class where students experience the biggest shifts, which is why this class is so rewarding to teach you. Each day you'll do 2 rounds of digging. Your body scanning ability will increase exponentially. You'll gain a stronger faith in your healing ability. Expect miracles, and know that you deserve them.


A brand new body every 7 years

At the physical level, you are constantly reinventing yourself. Your body replaces your skin cells once a month, your skeleton every three months, and your liver and DNA every six weeks. Your emotions are also constantly shifting with every thought, interaction, and circumstance unfolding in your mind and environment.


Increase and enhance your intuitive and clairvoyant abilities

There are also exercises to help one learn discernment when working with guides and guardian angels, an introduction to the laws of manifestation, doing future readings, balancing serotonin and noradrenalin levels, releasing heavy metals and radiation, soul mates, manifesting, releasing phobias and the protocols for healing a great variety of conditions and diseases while working with the Creator.


Meet each system of the human body over 15 intensive days

Every day throughout the course there are practice sessions to comprehensively scan the body and its systems; meeting and communicating with the organs; working with and releasing the beliefs they hold; then witnessing with great clarity as the Creator heals a 'disease' and intuitively guides one on various remedies to support the body’s own healing ability. As the bones are healed, so to are one’s issue about support and strength. As the digestive and sexual systems are cleared, so to are any deep held traumas or abuse. When the nervous system is worked upon, blocks regarding communication and connection to the outside world are restored - enabling you to receive and respond to truths without fear. The skin deals with beauty and self worth, and the eyes deal with programs of the ego. Meet the kidneys and the diseases that are associated with them, and greet the Liver and its issues of anger and resentment. Learn the emotional patterns which allow fungus, candida, and parasites to thrive. And explore the endocrine, respiratory and circulatory systems, brain, ears, muscles and more.


Your opportunity for self healing and personal development

It will radically empower, change and catapult your life on every level! During this course you will learn how to apply Intuitive Anatomy to deepen your knowledge and personal growth. Students have ample time for self-healing and work with other class members to clear limiting Beliefs. You'll spend every day clearing all your beliefs, issues and emotions. This is the class for the serious ThetaHealing® Practitioners who desire to become highly skilled at scanning and healing within the physical body using ThetaHealing®. This class offers practical information on physical anatomy with movies shown each day.

Here’s what others are saying about the

ThetaHealing® Intuitive Anatomy Course with Bourgeon

In this 15 day course you’ll discover and learn:

  • About the magic of the human body
  • Effectively perform body scans immediately with more accuracy
  • Maintain a conscious eye-open Theta State
  • Exponentially enhance your medical intuitive skills
  • Attain a wealth of knowledge and understanding of the anatomy and beliefs that hold disease or conditions in place
  • Discover the emotional programs and beliefs that are attached to every body system and a wide range of illness or disease
  • Transmute illness, sickness and despair
  • Honour the client’s free will
  • Disease and disorders go hand-in-hand with the demonstration of emotions
  • Emotions are signals that the body is out of balance and how much space is taken up by negative emotions.
  • Clear issues on a core, genetic, group consciousness, past life and soul level
  • Illuminate the creator’s divine perfection throughout every cell of your body
  • Feel lasting permanent changes to your physical, mental, spiritual and emotional well
  • Experience a complete metamorphosis in your life
  • Expand your consciousness with daily downloads that will radically enhance your life
  • Radiate positive health, vibrancy and vigour
  • Totally realise your full and abundant potential

This course is 80% practical experience, with most time spent on giving and receiving healings so that the technique can be mastered and any blocks cleared.

intuitive anatomy small - Theta Healing Intuitive Anatomy Course
IMG 5811 healingclinic - Theta Healing Intuitive Anatomy Course

Get Your First Paying Clients at the Healing Clinic

Real Paying Clients

Students are able to practice their new skills at the Healing Clinic which is run over 2 evenings during the course. We invite members of the public try a Theta Healing® session. You will have your first 2 paying clients during the course at £15 each.

30 mins Taster Sessions

This gives our Intuitive Anatomy students an opportunity to practice their skills of body scanning and healing. And offers the general public a healing on any issue or challenge in their life. Sessions will be in 30 min slots. 2 sessions per practitioner.

  • 15 days
  • 10.00am-6.00pm daily
  • ThetaHealing® Basic Course
  • ThetaHealing® Advanced Course
  • ThetaHealing® Dig Deeper Course

You will be certified as a Theta Healing® Intuitive Anatomy Practitioner, allowing you to use these skills as a practitioner if you choose to.

  • Anatomical Chart Book
  • Vianna Stibal’s Intuitive Anatomy Manual
  • Refreshments
Bourgeon FB Mockup - Theta Healing Intuitive Anatomy Course

Exclusive Access to Private Facebook Group

  • Lifetime Access
  • Monthly instructor trainings
  • International peer-to-peer support
  • Find your accountability buddy for ongoing healing

WORTH £397


£ 2222

Incl. VAT
  • BONUS: Private Facebook Group.

3 Monthly Instl

£ 815

Incl. VAT
  • Total investment £2445 (incl VAT)
  • BONUS: Private Facebook Group

6 Monthly Instl

£ 425

Incl. VAT
  • Total investment £2550 (incl VAT)
  • BONUS: Private Facebook Group

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