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Muscle testing techniques to identify the limiting beliefs and feelings stored in your subconscious mind

In Theta Healing® we use muscle testing which is a form of applied kinesiology. Anybody can do it because it uses your electrical system and your muscles. When looking at subconscious beliefs, nature answers your yes/no questions by projecting a positive energy or a negative energy into the electrical circuit that you have created by your fingers especially for the muscle testing.

Muscle testing performed by a Theta Healing® Practitioner

This video demonstrates muscle testing by a Theta Healing® practitioner upon a client. This is done for you during a Theta Healing® session if your appointment is face-to-face. Watch as the client, tests strong/positive when her fingers stay together, and tests weak/negative as her fingers come apart. A Theta Healing® practitioner will always start with the “yes, yes” and “no, no” statement to verify that your muscle testing is working correctly.

How does muscle testing work?

Whenever you say or think something that resonates as true with the subconscious mind, the electrical and magnetic fields around the body actually become stronger and as a result the muscles also become stronger.

Similarly, when you say or think something that resonates as false with the subconscious mind, the electrical and magnetic fields around the body actually become weaker and as a result the muscles also become weaker!

For example, if you are a man and your name is Bob, and you state “I am a man” or “My name is Bob”, this will resonate as true with the subconscious mind, and your field and your muscles will function strong.
Conversely, if you state “I am a woman” or “My name is Amy”, this will resonate as false with the subconscious mind, and your field and your muscles will function weak.

Scientists, physical therapists, and doctors know about the important relationship between muscles and electricity, and you will find a variety of electrical stimulation devices used in rehabilitation and various recuperative therapies. Because muscle functions with this electromagnetic field, the stronger the field is, the stronger the muscle will be for the same to perceived level of effort.

How do I perform muscle testing techniques on myself?

In Theta Healing® we have many methods to muscle test and here’s a couple of the most common ones. Before a Theta Healing® session you will be asked to become familiar with this method. But before you try this, drink water first, as muscle testing will not give clear, accurate results if you are dehydrated!

Method 1 – Standing method

Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, facing north, in a balanced, neutral position. Make sure you are standing very tall, with no bend in your knees and your head and shoulders held high but comfortable (no straining!). To test, say “YES, YES, YES” – you should feel yourself tilting forward. Next, rebalance yourself, and say “NO, NO, NO” – you should feel yourself tilting backwards.
This “Yes” and “No” statement verifies that you are muscle testing correctly. You can now begin asking questions of your subsconscious mind and your electromagnetic field.
“Am I worthy of ________________”
“I believe I deserve _____________ in my life”
“I give myself permission to have __________”
“______________ is my most compatible soul mate”

Method 2 – Ring method

The Test Fingers

To test the circuit (the means by which you will apply pressure to yourself), place the thumb and index finger of your other hand inside the circle you have created by connecting your thumb and little finger. The thumb and index finger should be right under your thumb and your little finger, touching them. Don’t try to make a circle with your test fingers. They are just placed inside the circuit fingers that do form a circle. It will look as if the circuit fingers are testing on the test fingers

Postive Response

Keeping this position, ask yourself a yes/no question in which you already know the answer to be yes. (My name is _____?”) Once you’ve asked the question, press your circuit fingers together, keeping the tip-to-tip position. Using the same amount of pressure, try to pull apart the circuit fingers with your test fingers. Press the lower thumb against the upper thumb, and the lower index finger against the upper little finger.

The action of your test fingers will look like scissors separating as you apply pressure to your circuit fingers. The motion of the test fingers is horizontal. Don’t try to pull your test fingers vertically up through your circuit fingers.
If the answer to the question is positive (if your name is what you think it is!), you will not be able to easily push apart the circuit fingers. The electrical circuit will hold, your muscles will maintain their strength, and your circuit fingers will not separate. You will feel the strength in that circuit.

Negative Response

Once you have a clear sense of the positive response, ask yourself a question that has a negative answer. Again press your circuit fingers together and, using equal pressure, press against the circuit fingers with the test fingers. This time the electrical circuit will break and the circuit fingers will weaken and separate. Because the electrical circuit is broken, the muscles in the circuit fingers do not have the power to easily hold the fingers together. In a positive state the electrical circuit holds, and the muscles have the power to keep the two fingers together.

What should I do if my muscle testing is not clear?

While it is generally extremely accurate, there are a variety of factors that can influence muscle testing. The most important factors include:

  • Hydration – dehydrated people do not muscle test properly. Drink plenty of water, massage your mid back by the kidneys.
  • Demineralization – you can not muscle test properly if you do not have enough minerals in your system
  • Stress – powerful emotional triggers can make muscle testing more difficult

Theta Healers are trained to recognise when people are not muscle testing properly and have a variety of ways to work with the client to get accurate muscle testing results.

How do I change these limiting beliefs?

You can book an appointment with a Theta Healing® Practitioner to have any limiting beliefs changed instantly. An experienced practitioner is trained to identify the limiting beliefs that are held in your subconconcious mind. These are then re-programme them with empowering and supportive beliefs. And when your beliefs change, your thoughts, feelings and actions change.

You can also attend one of our Introductory Workshops to discover how to do this for yourself. The majority of your limiting beliefs have not even been created by you, but inherited from your ancestors or past lives. Some of your beliefs may be hundred’s if not thousands of years old.