ThetaHealing® testimonials from our courses attendees

“I have undergone different courses and modalities over the last 5 years such as NLP, Hypnotherapy, cognitive therapy. In my experience nothing works as quick and profoundly changing one core believes, fears, phobias as Theta Healing®. 

If you have made a life changing decision to take a course in Theta Healing® whether it’s for your own benefit or for working with others, Anna Kitney is the teacher of the teachers. Her diligent, efficient but also highly caring and devoting attitude to how she teaches creates an amazing energy in the class. Anna is highly knowledgable in what she teaches and it straight away creates a big bulk of security and trust in Theta Healing modality as well as our own abilities to succeed as practitioners. Her classes are highly engaging and even after a long day you feel energised to take more information in and do more healing work. I could go on and on but in short if you value your time and you are highly motivated to learn and succeed then Anna is the right teacher for you as she is for me.” 
Evija Kavace, Wellness Within.  London 2015

“Attending Anna Kitney’s Basic DNA course in September 2010 was a big step forward in my journey towards health and spiritual awareness. Her knowledge, enthusiasm and intuitive kindness created an energy which touched all of us there and will continue to have a profound effect on my life. ThetaHealing is a very real concept which is gathering acceptance and momentum as it spreads its positive energy globally.
People everywhere are waking up to the truth of how truly powerful our thoughts are. We must learn to use them in a constructive way which will change our lives for the good. Thank you so much Anna, for making it real and achievable.”
Paula Madeley, Norfolk, U.K

“Only a few days after reading about Theta Healing, I booked the Basic DNA course taught by Anna Kitney; straight away I liked her warm and friendly approach and also her clarity. I could tell that she was a living example of the technique and that felt very reassuring. In the flow I booked for The Advanced DNA course for the week after; then as a practitioner I attended an evening practice group and in this more informal setting Anna again was very open to share her expertise and experience. Lastly I booked a private session with Anna where again I found her very open and generous. In conclusion Theta Healing has been enhancing my own skills for my work and self-development. I could even go as far as saying that it has changed my life! Now I am so excited because so much more is still to be uncovered and I am planning to book my next course on Love and Abundance with Anna as I feel totally comfortable with her.”
Michelle Bhana Lonsdale, London 2012

“Until this year, I had never heard of Theta Healing and although I was extremely excited and curious about what the course promised, I was a little sceptical. However, my Theta Healing weekends with Anna and Marlene were truly amazing – and I have certainly felt a huge change in myself.
Even friends and family have noticed the difference! I am a much calmer person now, have addressed issues and beliefs that have I have held for a long time ie weight – have lost almost 2 stone since the course in March and am still work in progress! My back problems are also improving thanks to Theta – I am virtually off pain killers now, there have been other improvements as well and I continually work on myself.
The people and the teachings have given me a new perspective about myself and given a massive boost to my self esteem and confidence. I would highly recommend Theta Healing to everyone and Anna is an amazing teacher.”
Molly Symonds, U.K

“I attended the Theta Healing Basic DNA course run by Bourgeon in January 2010 and I was so impressed with the course content that I also attended the Theta Advance course in March 2010. Both courses were run over 3 days and our tutors, Anna and Marlena, were very professional, informative and approachable. Their friendly approach made everybody relax and feel at ease. There was time available for our questions, making each day flexible to suit our needs.
Learning about Theta was an amazing experience as it challenges you to let go of past issues/situations, teaches you how to remove the negative blocks that are holding you back and gives you the confidence to take positive action in your life.
These courses have everything to offer – whether you attend for personal development or wish to become a practitioner – you will come away feeling lighter, freer and ready to take on life’s challenges. I give Bourgeon, who run these courses, top marks.”
Barbara Bailey, U.K Reiki Master, Spiritual Coach and Complimentary Therapist

“I was in a stage in my life where things weren’t going how I had wanted them to in nearly every area, I had a job that I was over qualified for and being very underpaid and frustrated, I was staying with random friends, living out of a suitcase and didn’t have a place to call home due to not having a steady and good income, I was in a relationship that I wasn’t happy with and felt like I was going nowhere (much different to my life the year before).  On a recommendation from a friend I went along to one of Anna’s Theta taster session’s with a friend.  I really liked Anna’s view on life and the general thinking behind Theta seemed to make sense to me.

A few weeks later I attended the course.  Anna taught me more about Theta and how to focus on various things in my life and forced me to address issues that were holding me back and stopping me from achieving what I should.

Since attending the course back in February, I have rekindled an old relationship, moved into a house that I can call home with my new partner, started working for myself and have been able to secure some big contracts with great clients which will see me through to the end of the year allowing me to become debt clear for the first time since university which is weirdly a lot of the things I manifested when I was on the course.

Since seeing how my life has changed a lot of my friends have been asking me to help them with Theta.  I am really grateful that I found Anna and her team I think she is a great teacher.”
Diana Findlay, U.K

“Anna is a warm and engaging Trainer, with the ability to inpart complex information in a practical and dynamic way. She is knowledgeable, articulate and patient. I am glad I studied with her and will again. It was a joy.”
Geraldine Kelly, U.K Trainer and Coach

“Vanya has a most profound natural wisdom and sense of cosmic order, enabling her to access the energies needed for the highest forms of healing and personal alignment.”
Dr. Michael Lloyd Wright

“I attended the Theta Healing Basic DNA course in September 2010.  Anna is like an angel in the flesh, she is a wonderful teacher makes you feel comfortable and at ease.  She made me feel that I can achieve anything I put your mind to. The course is very interesting, fun, inspirational and life changing you can go places you never thought you could go.  I would highly recommend this course to everyone.  Now with the tools that Anna has taught me I can continuously work on my self development to help me to be a better person and help my family and friends.  I look forward to doing Theta Healing Advanced course.”
Chenize Morgan, U.K

“Anna, I am just writing to say thank you for the amazing theta healing course that you ran.  It was great to have such a connected, yet grounded person teach us this information, and get across all we needed to learn so effortlessly!  Those few days were extremely transformational, and I’m continuing to feel the benefits and notice how my life is changing in so many ways.  As the days go on, my connection to Source is getting stronger, and as for the results of manifesting through theta – wow!!  I would definitely recommend this course to those starting on their spiritual path, and to those that have been on it for a while.  As a therapist, theta is bringing a whole new dimension to my work which was just what was needed.  I’m excited about what the future might bring, and again would like to express my gratitude to you for your teaching and wisdom.”
Lisa Morgan, UK

Praise from clients

“Anna’s got this very friendly, calming and charismatic way about her. I felt as though I’d known her for years. I went in and sat down and spoke to her about all my issues. She went through my “stuff” so gracefully and lovingly.
Over a couple of sessions, I found myself talking about things I hadn’t even thought about, the skeletons of my closet that I had buried deep within me. I hadn’t spoke to to anyone about these things, yet here I was, divulging my deepest fears and anxieties with a perfect stranger! Anna makes you feel so safe, so comfortable and so loved. It’s hard not to share it all with her! Despite bringing up all the bad stuff from my past during the sessions, I always left Anna feeling happy, light, unburdened and empowered.
I was so impressed, I went on to bring my family along for some sessions. Anna has helped to heal 4 generations of my family…from the oldest, down to the very youngest!
I thank you from the bottom of my heart, Anna. I’m very blessed to have met you.
The very first thing Anna said to me was, “oh, you’re a healer”. At the time I was skeptical but only a couple of months on, I am taking the intuitive anatomy class with her and have facilitated many healings.
I am so far away from the person who first walked into that therapy room with Anna. My life has completely transformed and I feel empowered, more confident within myself and definitely a new and way more improved version of myself!
If you are reading this and contemplating having a session, I urge you to see Anna. You will be in safe hands and it will transform your life in ways you never imagined. “
Raspreet Bhogal – London, UK 2016

Before the first session with Anna, I was very confused about my life. I confessed to a friend and he recommended Anna to me. I never heard of Theta healing before. Everything was very knew to me. I have to say, I was well impressed that Anna could sense all my inner worries and emotional blocks. Also, she described my life as she knew me since from my childhood. I could not believe it. She told me things which I was keeping only to myself. I was stunned. When she was healing me I felt a sensation going through my body. After the healing session; I feel more connected to my heart and content. My confidence improved and I managed to get a new job within a month after the session. I feel more positive, lighter, happier and I believe I can achieve and have what I want in life.

Zanet, London, UK

“Since our last session I got a deep connection to my live plan and what my soul has chosen in this live. It´s fantastic. When there is a situation while my mood is fallen my soul speaks to me and constantly tells my the path of learning through suffering is over – the fight is over…´s over. So I can keep my head high.

I got in contact with two woman who are really into spiritual healing. So the fear of talking to people, speaking out my truth is getting smaller.
During 2 hours I designed my ThetaHealing Logo and flyer. Sending it out to print. It was fun! My head didn´t recognized what my heart was doing. At the end of the day my head was confused and my heart smiling.
After that I organized an event on Facebook where I invited my friends to this meditation evening. Friends of mine I never thought they are interested in ThetaHealing like to come. Wow!

And now the money….I got a call from a company and an invitation for an interview. They asked me what I would like to earn. And I said a number I never in a million years I dared me to say. And they agreed. More than this. They rounded up. 🙂 It´s not the job I dreamed about….but it´s a sign from the creator who holds me. I feel like the creator gives me opportunities to earn money since I get my half-time job.

May the creator bless you and your work.”

Konstanze Oswald, Germany 2014

Theta Healing with Anna
Sonya B. says: Dearest Anna, Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you helped me with today- words are simply not enough to describe just how thankful I am to you. I am sat on the tube writing this with a huge grin on my face because for the first time in over 3 years I no longer feel afraid 🙂 I even managed to smile at a man without feeling repulsed- that’s gotta be worth it’s weight in gold! Today was absolutely phenomenal, you transformed my life. I firmly believe and know I met you at the exact time I was meant to and boy what an experience that was! I laughed, I cried, I felt shifts during our session- it was simply mind blowing. You were the missing link that I have been searching for , for so long I have lost track. from the moment I met you I felt an instant bond and completely at ease, you’re an incredibly gifted woman and what a blessing you truly are to anyone who is has the privilege of your time. I feel so deeply honoured – how do you even begin to thank someone who has literally saved your life? You simply do not charge enough for your sessions- had I known what I was about to experience I would have happily handed over my card and you could have charged whatever you wanted! A few weeks away from Christmas and what a gift I have been given. Thank you, thank you, thank you 🙂 All my love and the worlds biggest hug to you, you gorgeous woman! Sonya xxx Ps. Had to save the email as I was underground so couldn’t send it- sat through the whole journey grinning to myself. I must have looked insane however , who cares, I just got me a life LOL.
Theta Healing with Anna
Chloe C. says: I had an hour long session with Anna at the light centre last week and was blown away by the experience. Anna is very kind and caring. She helped me understand thought processes that had an impact on my life and more importantly, helped me let go of them. The whole experience felt very empowering and I am grateful for it. I would highly recommend having treatment with Anna. Thank you so much x x x
Chloe, London 2013
Theta Healing with Anna
Matthew k. says: I had a one to one theta session with anna yesterday at the light centre, Anna is such a kind and warm soul and puts you at ease straight away. Anna identified immeadiately issues that have haunted and shaped my life cutting away negative and installing possative belief systems to enable me to reach goals and tread a more rewarding and productive path, in helping me to understand why certain situations keep repeating and helping me to open up my heart to love and acceptance she has given me hope and inspiration to shape a bright and beautiful future. I left the centre walking on air and am now filled with a sence of excitement looking forward to where ever this journey will take me next. Anna thank you so much. Matt, London 2012

“Anna is one of the best investments anyone could make. She creates a safe and loving space in which its easy to confront your fears and any beliefs that are not serving you in a gentle and loving way. Anna is so intuitive, often she can describe things in precise detail. This lets her and her clients get to the heart of whatever situation being experienced and rapidly transforms it. I have enjoyed each and every session with Anna, and her thoughts and suggestions always have an amazing transformative effect that has ultimately changed my life for the better!

I have no hesitation in recommending Anna to people, I’m grateful that I have had the pleasure of working with her, and know that if things crop up in my path again in the future, she’s one of the first on the list that I would call!”
(Theta healing with Anna Kitney
Sean Cochrane, U.K


“I went to Anna after first hearing about Theta healing from a friend and not knowing what to expect or work on. Anna was great at putting me at ease and talking me through the process. When I came up with some things to work on, she intuitively and accurately identified some issues that I had to clear that I had not really considered but was aware of. Her session is both very effective yet subtle and gentle. I have certainly felt the difference and I still benefit from the work we did that day.
(Theta healing with Anna Kitney) 

Waiman Yau

10 minute free Theta Healing Consultation
Allan K. says: My 10 minute free consultation by phone was arranged with Carmen and was a very positive experience. So much so that I had no hesitation in arranging a 1 hour theta healing session for myself this Friday which I am really excited about. I received a call at exactly the arranged time. Our 10 minutes overran but I wasn’t made to feel like my time was up or anything, and our conversation led to a natural conclusion on its own. I found Carmen to be a very friendly, calm, attentive, humble and down-to-earth person. I explained a bit about my background and what areas in my life I would particularly like to ask for help with. After asking my permission to tune into me on the theta level, Carmen expressed what feelings she was getting and identified a belief I have which surprised me, but if true; would explain alot in my life and I am aware that sometimes we believe things on a subconscious level without even realising it. This belief was also verified using muscle testing on myself with Carmen’s guidance – Helpfully I was already familiar with how the the chosen method works after reading Vianna Stibal’s book and from my experiences gained from another spiritual seeking path based in Christian roots that I have previously done and found success with over recent years. I am only halfway through it but Vianna Stibal’s book is already a real revelation for me – tying everything together that I’d learnt and experienced up to now and shedding light on all the paradoxes and conflicting information that has previously frustrated me, and I am excited about getting some coaching help in transforming my limiting beliefs both with help and on my own, and practising what I think to be true, but don’t fully KNOW from actual experience (besides a handful of very unmistakable and doubtless miracle moments in my life.) I have to say that I really like the whole booking process as well – I find it to be very smooth, fair and courteous. Thank you! Allan K, London 2012


“During my session with Anna I felt waves of energy tingling all over my body, starting at my crown all the way to my feet. It was such a strong sensation, the strongest sensation I have yet physically felt during a healing session ever. Within minutes Anna rooted out the cause of my problem. It was very deep, and yet, she got there so effortlessly. I did ask Creator to align me with the right theta healer before I booked Anna, and boy, did I get what I asked for! I feel very lucky to have Anna as a healer in my life. I have also done a theta healing workshop with Anna, and her teaching style is incredibly clear and intuitive. She’s clearly extremely experienced and talented healer and teacher, and a great inspiration. Thank you Anna, I’ve been recommending you to everyone I know, and I’m booking another session soon.”
Louisa – Practitioner of Kinesiology, Reiki, Theta and Bushflower remedy practitioner

“My two sessions of Theta healing so far with Anna has brought amazing positive shifts in many areas of my life. I have been able to unfold and clear blockages that I didn’t realise were linked to the progression of my life purpose and other desires. I feel lighter and more focussed towards my goals and I now have more of an open awareness of my limiting beliefs.

The sessions coincided with changes in my life and I feel excited about the new beginnings that are evolving in the work, personal and social life.  One of my main blocks was not being ‘visible’  and although I do focus self development, the guidance with Anna was very valuable and now resonates in my day to day life.

Anna’s approach was professional yet warm and nurturing. I felt extremely safe and comforted and I was able to immediately ‘let go’ into the session with ease and let Anna guide me through the session. I particularly liked the muscle testing technique to test and change the negative belief patterns. I highly recommend these powerful, mind shifting session with Anna.”
Geeta Vara, Ayurveda Practitioner, London 2013

“Hi Anna, I just wanted to say that you are just amazing, you are a gifted intuitive healer the session was awesome, I had such a wonderful experience I am delightfully happy. My life has changed for the better. People had said that I am glowing I look ten years younger. My children can feel the presence of my positive energy.  Anna you and the God the creator have given me a wonderful gift of life I am so truly thankful. With kind regards, Barbara”
 Barbara Austin-Bennett, London, 2012  


“Anna and I did the session over skype, and I had told her a few issues that I wanted resolving, and within the hour she worked intuitively on me and cleared genetic historic old beliefs that I was carrying. Even delving into a past life and clearing the trauma and shock for me to move on in this life. My main issue turned out to be that I needed to be able to still run my business and gain clients, whilst in travelling mode, and we worked on making it visible to clients where ever I was in the world. At the end Anna did a future reading on me and that was awesome, as I am on the move having to make big decisions, and the future reading gave me the go ahead to just do that. I would recommend Anna as a caring, supportive, and excellent intuitively Theta Healer to everybody. Thank you!”
Esther, London, 2012  

“I felt drawn to try Theta Healing when I was stuck with some challenges in my life. I have been interested in energy and intuition for a while now and I found the sessions helped me to heal and let go of the issues I had. The sessions also strengthened my confidence in my intuition and inner guidance. The sessions themselves I find hard to put into words but they helped me to feel free and connected to myself and my heart. Also I had been sensing spiritual guides and angels and it was reassuring for Anna to pick up on the same things as me. It is so refreshing to be able to be open and talk about these experiences. Thank you Anna!”
(Theta Healing with Anna Kitney
Alison Yau


“Anna is an amazing, gifted and intuitive who gets to the root causes of problems quickly and eliminates them with ease. She has also been instrumental in increasing my sales in my current job role. I cannot recommend her highly enough!”
(Theta Healing with Anna Kitney)
Sandy Goel


“A session with Anna is an empowering and inspirational experience. She supported me through a really tough time and helped me recognise my own power. When ever I feel my drive slipping I think back to how I feel after a healing and my spirits are instantly lifted.”
(Theta healing with Anna Kitney
Daria Urwin Matveyeva

Theta Healing with Anna
Esther B. says: Anna and I did the session over skype, and I had told her a few issues that I wanted resolving, and within the hour she worked intuitively on me and cleared genetic historic old beliefs that I was carrying. Even delving into a past life and clearing the trauma and shock for me to move on in this life. My main issue turned out to be that I needed to be able to still run my business and gain clients, whilst in travelling mode, and we worked on making it visible to clients where ever I was in the world. At the end Anna did a future reading on me and that was awesome, as I am on the move having to make big decisions, and the future reading gave me the go ahead to just do that. I would recommend Anna as a caring, supportive, and excellent intuitively Theta Healer to everybody. Thank you! Esther, London, 2012


Amazing session

Helenita S says: 

Anna is a very intuitive and empathetic person. We did a session over Skype about two weeks ago and she was able to uncover things in one hour that I had been keeping under the surface for a long time. She is very easy to talk to and was able to clear old beliefs that were no longer surviving me. I highly recommend her and will definitely book with her again.

jenna g says: 

Joanna is amazing, she went above and beyond to help me, we covered so much and was amazing by what came up and why I feel the way I do, i’m going for my second session tomorrow! Can’t wait! 🙂
A Wonderful Gift From the Creator of All That Is…

Clare C says: 

Anna is a remarkable, kind, sensitive and highly intuitive soul. Her empathic demeanour instantly puts you at ease. Over the hour and a half session that I had with Anna, old limiting beliefs that had caused me so much anxiety, for so many years, were melted away in a heartbeat. Childhood traumas were cleared and she even addressed issues that were tied back to my ancestors. I felt as though I was walking on air when I left the treatment room. The rucksack of problems that I had been carrying around with me for so many years has been lifted off my shoulders and discarded. I have a renewed hope and excitement about my future, where the sky’s the limit. I am going to reach for the moon and the stars as Anna has made me feel I am worth it. I couldn’t recommend her more highly. Love and light Clare

Important, please read our disclaimer, These testimonials are thoughts and opinons of our clients. Theta Healing is not to replace professional medical diagnosis or treatment and we encourage you to see your doctor over any physical ailments.