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Expand your light body, increase your vibration and frequency.

You’ll discover how to past, present and future are all connected and are influencing you right now. Through a series of Crystal Layouts, you’ll be taken into past life regression, future life regression, travel to distant lands in other times and connect with the spirit realm for channelling.

Prerequisite: None required. It is open to anyone, from someone who has no understanding of crystals to someone with years of knowledge and understanding crystals and crystal healing.
Includes: Manual, refreshments
Certification: You will be certified as a Crystal Remote Viewing Practitioner, allowing you to use these skills as a practitioner if you choose to. This technique was designed by Christina E. High. It is a certifiable course and you will be awarded with a practitioners certificate. The workshop includes the registered Crystal Viewing Manual and your Certification.

Crystal Viewing

Learn this straightforward guided full sensory visualization technique which will guide you through every step of the process. This course is open to all and suited to those already familiar with energy healing modalities in particular or an interest in the concept of energy centres in the body. Crystals have many amazing properties which has been known for centuries. When crystals are laid out on and around the body in the correct way they can help the client reach and maintain a deep meditative brain state.

The advantage of using crystals is that it is easy to hold this state for a long period of time which makes it much easier to relax and observe. It also create a vortex of energy through which one can safely travel through time and space. A crystal viewing is a very visual and sensory experience.


Time: 9am – 6pm
Where: TBC
Instructor: Anna Kitney, Master Theta Healing® Instructor & Practitioner

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An incredible tool to help you achieve and reach your highest potential.
Lessons & Gifts From a Previous Time

How a Crystal Viewing can help a client

Many people are affected by past choices and events that appear in this lifetime as patterns or incidences that feel impossible to resolve. A crystal viewing will take the client back to the very beginning of the pattern and resolve its echos in your life today. It will help you to resolve issues that are affecting you today by allowing you to return with the lessons and gifts from a previous time where the issue originated, grounding the resolution firmly in the now. You may return with the knowledge, tangible skills and attributes that you acquired in other lives, bringing you forward into you life now. This is an incredible tool to help you achieve and reach your highest potential. One of the biggest benefits of doing Crystal Viewing is that it rapidly improves your intuitive skills. It is an amazing technique to learn and brings forward wonderful experiences.

Expand Your Light Body

What can crystals do for us?

Crystals help expand our light bodies. They also increase our vibrations and frequency, allowing us to be more open and aware of our vitality, well-being and purpose on earth. Crystals can help us discover past life relations with the other people in our current lives, which helps us gain a deep understanding of our behaviors with them now. Crystals also help uncover gifts from our past lives, help break old patterns of fear and help discover where they come from. You can also use the crystals to help a client discover their current soul path and mission.

What Happens in a Session

Past Life & Future Life Regression with Crystal Layout

The crystals are positioned on the body in a specific layout. Then a energy vortex is then opened via tuning forks. The client is taken into a deep theta state via a guided meditation to visit past lives and future lives for healing and resolution of issues in this lifetime. The session usually last 1hr to 90 minutes to facilitate a few journeys to complete the lessons and release past life trauma's. The sessions can be recorded, so the client may listen to what they channelled during the session. This further facilitates healing, brings conscious awareness of the lessons. Unlike traditional past life regression, the client DOES NOT re-live traumatic death experiences, rather "fast forwards" past these point using the 'drivers' (crystal spheres held in each hand), so it can be observed, rather than re-lived. We find re-living a trauma unnecessary for the healing process, so these sessions are very gentle, yet powerful.

Discover the art of crystal viewing to awaken the spirit, conscious and subconscious.

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Learn How Activate the Soul by Crystal Viewing


In this 2 day course you’ll discover and learn:

    • Explore your past life memories, a past life of your ancestor and genetic memories


  • Explore your future this life



  • Past Life Regression



  • Future Life Regression



  • Travel to any point on the Earth and any time period – eg explore ancient ruins and then see who lived there



  • Connect with your Guardian Angels,  Spirit Guides, Over-Soul Family and Council of Twelve All of this will allow you to run sessions with clients, and charge a fee for these sessions.



Additional Information

You will be asked to bring with you a small selection of small crystals which you will be using during the class. We will send you an email to inform you more about what you need to bring with. Without having your own crystals you will not be able to provide a client with a Crystal Viewing session, so it’s good practise to start early and we will help you and guide you as to which crystals will work the best for you. You are also more than welcome to do some research into the different qualities of different crystals, as this could help you understand a bit more about what they are used for, but this is not essential.

What to bring

Click on links below for course materials. If you do not have these items, we have some spares in class for you. > Bag of Crystal tumblestones, at least 20 pieces in various colours > 8 Point Merkaba Crystal Clear Stone You can bring any other crystals you already have in various sizes. We will have a selection in class for you to use. > OPTIONALCrystal Bible – Volume 1.