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Gratitude Meditation Evening

November 20, 2014 @ 8:00 pm - 9:30 pm

MeditationEvenings Header - Gratitude Meditation Evening

Join us for healing music with singing bowls, Theta Healing® meditation and energy clearing. Discover one of the most effective and life-changing forms of energy healing and personal development. Feel instant changes in your beliefs and feelings which create your reality. Together, we’ll be releasing pain, regrets and resentments. And opening your heart chakra to receive more love from Divine Source Energy to awaken your true authentic-self.

This month’s meditation is focussed on gratitude.

When we become grateful for what we have, Divine Source brings us more. Together we’ll offer our gratitude to all that we have received this year. We’ll be working with ascended masters, archangels and goddesses of abundance to manifest new energy for 2015.

Listen or Download this Theta Healing® Meditation

Sound Healing with Tibetan Singing Bowls

Music by Advanced Theta Healing® Practitioner and Holistic Therapist Agata Cecylia. She has lifelong passion and love for music and has trained as a sound practitioner at  Peter Hess Institute. Therapeutically, this session is especially recommended for releasing stress, trauma, grief, depression and associated physical ailments through deep physical relaxation, emotional rebalancing and spiritual revival. Please bring a blanket or yoga mat and small pillow.

We call upon all the Divine Beings of Heaven and Earth,
The Sun, The Moon and The Stars, Our Divine Family,
And All the Kindred Spirits for their blessing, protection and guidance, Aho!

Meditation with Theta Healing®

If you have never meditated or think you can’t, then come along to find out how simple it can be. The benefits of meditation are profound and cumulative, bringing you more clarity, inner peace, focus and direction.

Our Master Instructor, Anna Kitney will guide you through a meditation to open up your chakras, connect you to Divine Source Energy and clear old, dense energy that is no longer serving you. Anna will release many common limiting beliefs such as the inability to love yourself, denying your own self-nuture and rejecting abundance. She will guide you in a heart opening meditation to open yourself to divine love.

We’ll be teaching you the Theta Healing® Meditation which is the first step in the process to create a healing. You will have an opportunity to heal yourself on any challenge in your life. By learning to access the divine wisdom that is within you, you can receive answers to any questions.

Energy Clearing Session

Here are some common limiting beliefs we’ll be changing to empowering ones:

  • “I have to be poor to be close to Creator/God” to be replaced with “I can be abundant and prosperous and be close to Creator/God”
  • “I am unworthy of love” to be replaced with “To give love and receive love is my birthright, I AM LOVE”
  • “I have to suffer to heal/learn” to be replaced with “I can heal/learn with grace and ease”
  • “I have to sacrifice to spiritually grow” to be replaced with “I am spiritually growing, expanding with love, grace and ease”

Each of us has a divine purpose and gift to bring to the world. What’s yours?

Discover how you can become a clear channel for pure source energy and awaken the amazing power within you.

How to prepare for this event

  • Set an intention for what you wish to heal
  • A gratitude list
  • Please bring a blanket or yoga mat
  • Optional – Small pillow for additional comfort

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Please feel free to share this event with friends who would benefit.

20th Nov 2014

Time: 8pm – 9:30pm
Host: Anna Kitney

£15 per person
£20 for 2 places

At the door:
£20 per person
£30 for 2 places
(subject to availability) 

Where: Hampstead Town Hall Centre
213 Haverstock Hill,
London NW3 4QP


25% of profits from this event will be donated to Coram Charity 

Coram helps homeless children living on streets, through art and music therapy, adoption services and support to adoptive parents.


November 20, 2014
8:00 pm - 9:30 pm
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Anna Kitney


Hampstead Town Hall Centre
213 Haverstock Hill
London, NW3 4QP United Kingdom
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