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Theta Healing® Introductory Workshop

July 11, 2015 @ 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

stars anna - Theta Healing® Introductory Workshop

Manifesting Love and Abundance.

Theta Healing® is one of the most effective and life-changing forms of energy healing and personal development.  This 3 hour workshop is an opportunity to get answers to your questions and to experience Theta Healing for yourself. You will witness instant changes in your beliefs and feelings which create your reality. This workshop is tailored to manifesting more love and abundance in your life.

Discover how to release the amazing power within you, with Theta Healing

You will experience and learn actual course material taught in the Theta Healing® Basic Course. Including how beliefs are created, where they are stored, how to identify deeply held blocks and to instantly reprogram the unconscious mind with new empowering beliefs. We’ll be changing numerous limiting beliefs around self love, self worth, attracting a soul mate and abundance, live! We’ll talk about the Law of Attraction and how to effectively apply it in your life. Discover the real secret to getting it to work for you for positive change!

Live Demonstration

In the live demonstration you will learn how to locate negative and limiting beliefs and feelings within your subconscious mind, and will be guided through the Theta Healing® meditation. There will be tools and techniques you can implement into your life immediately.

Group Healing

During this event we’ll be doing some group healings to release stress, trauma, anxiety and worry about love and abundance. You will also meet some of our Advanced Theta Healing® Practitioners who are available for private sessions.

Just talking about your goals is 30-40% effective.
Visualising your goals is only 50% effective.
Manifesting in the Theta state 80-90% effective!

Discover how Theta Healing can work for you

Let go of fear and worry. Discover how you can instantly change thoughts and beliefs so that you can live your life with joy, ease, peace, inspiration and motivation. Create abundance in your relationships, career, finances, physical health and personal growth.

With Theta Healing you can instantly reprogram negative beliefs & feelings stored in your subconscious mind to create instant changes in all areas of your life. Release fear and worry and live your life with joy, love and harmony. Theta Healing is one of the fastest, most enjoyable and  profound ways to heal your life & that of your loved ones and clients.

Muscle testing techniques to identify the limiting beliefs and feelings stored in your subconscious mind

In Theta Healing® we use muscle testing which is a form of applied kinesiology. Anybody can do it because it uses your electrical system and your muscles. When looking at subconscious beliefs, nature answers your yes/no questions by projecting a positive energy or a negative energy into the electrical circuit that you have created by your fingers especially for the muscle testing.

What should I do if my muscle testing is not clear?

While it is generally extremely accurate, there are a variety of factors that can influence muscle testing. The most important factors include:

  • Hydration – dehydrated people do not muscle test properly. Drink plenty of water, massage your mid back by the kidneys.
  • Demineralization – you can not muscle test properly if you do not have enough minerals in your system
  • Stress – powerful emotional triggers can make muscle testing more difficult

The leading edge energy healing modality

In just 3 hours you’ll discover:

  • How ThetaHealing® started and how it works
  • How muscle testing works, and to muscle test yourself for limiting beliefs and feelings
  • How you can change your beliefs and feelings with ease
  • You’ll be guided in the Theta Meditation that connects you to Divine Source Energy
  • You’ll be guided through the ThetaHealing® manifesting technique to create an abundant 2014!
  • Opportunity to change numerous limiting beliefs around love, self worth, abundance and manifesting
  • There will be tools that you can implement into your life immediately
  • Discover how to attract the most compatible soul mate into your life, or improve your existing relationship
  • Discover how ThetaHealing® can help you to bring abundance into all areas of your life, from money, to relationships, great health, career, and much more
  • The Law of Attraction, and how to effectively apply it in your own life, as well as the the other laws
  • Discover how to harness your innate intuitive abilities, and learn about some of your natural intuitive centers
  • Find out more about our courses, workshops and private sessions

What to bring with you

  • Pen
  • Paper
  • A bank note for an exercise
  • A small hand-held mirror for an exercise
  • Small bottle of water. You will be muscle testing yourself, so it is important to be hydrated.
  • Your paypal receipt – this is your entry ticket

Preparation for the workshop

  1. Please ensure you are fully hydrated to make muscle-testing fully effective. Here is a video you can watch to discover more about muscle testing
  2. We also recommend setting an intention for what you would wish to achieve from this workshop. It will then be far more productive and effective for you.
  3. You may also start writing down your short term, medium term and long term goals ahead of this event.

Are you ready to change your life for the better?

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July 11, 2015
2:00 pm - 5:00 pm
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Anna Kitney


Holiday Inn London – Kensington
97 Cromwell Rd
London, Greater London SW7 4DN United Kingdom
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