Do you desire to honour your body as a temple and your sexuality as a sacred force?

As the Goddess flowers within, you will recognise that every inch of your being is sacred and precious. Through this understanding you will learn to become both a lover and a creator of life. The invitation is for you to fall in love with your body temple, your soul and ultimately fall in love with life.

The path of the Goddess Opens

The path of the Goddess opens as soon as a woman chooses to love herself more that anyone else can. Once a women begins this journey the divine and sensual magic of her female body activates. In this 2 day course you will learn all the skills to awaken the Goddess within. Through a mix of ancient techniques, meditations, rituals, sacred movement exercise and channelled teachings, you will have all the support required to blossom into your unique beauty.



The female body is a magical vessel.
That the breasts, womb and vagina hold the divine feminine consciousness and need to be healed and unlock so that a woman can live her full potential.

Living Goddess I

Healing the Sacred Divine Feminine

The reasons why a woman is unable to experiences her divine femininity are numerous. Perhaps you grew up in a family that did not show you affection, or you had a parter that was abusive and diminished your sense of self, maybe you learnt as a teenager to reject your body and your inner beauty got buried under low self esteem. Perhaps you have spent years alone, waiting for the ‘one’ to come and never does. Or feel bound in a relationship that is lifeless. Maybe you forgot how to be your own soul mate or self love never existed. Perhaps your libido is low and you no longer feel the youthful spark of vitality. Or you were taught that your sexuality is wrong or shameful.

Well, I can help you discover love in mind, body and soul, so that you can master your life as an empowered and enlightened women. Let me take you on a journey of transformation so the Goddess within can awaken and you can live from your sacred femininity. Discover how to unlock your unique beauty and learn how your sensuality can blossom through your body temple.

Goddess Initiation Ritual

Day One

Day one of this class focuses on cultivating your sexual energy to be a source of vitality and rejuvenation. Just like a flower your female body temple has been designed to flower with ecstatic joy and bliss. This is achieved when the sexual life force is trained to move up the body towards the heavens. A perfect remedy to defy gravity and promote anti ageing, your inner beauty will learn to become your outer radiance. The day will finish with a Goddess Initiation Ritual.

Goddess Manifestation Ritual

Day Two

On day two, you will access the forgotten female gifts of intuition, healing and creative manifestation. Through a crystal layout you will connect to the gifts of your female ancestors, get blessings from the Goddesses and remember the qualities of your divine femininity. Then you will explore the magnetic energy of a woman who is in love with both herself and life. This will help you truly step into your power and live your purpose. The day will close with a Goddess manifestation ritual.

I experienced such deep transformation in the course; for the first time I experienced what it’s like to be truly magnetic to men, and I’ve emerged more radiant, more feminine and more connected to my body as a result of the course.

Polly Alexandre

This course is practical, scientific, magical and mysterious all at once. A beautiful blend of information, traditional practices and thousand of years of spiritual guidance included. The rituals are a pleasure not to be missed and the visual beauty, joy and playfulness of the movement sessions are unmissable.

Jacqueline Ghose

I am so impressed by the variety and the structure of the course. It's designed with a beautiful and harmonious feminine rhythm. The shakti meditation made me feel like a coming home, I connected with a part of me that I had forgotten and so longed for! Each meditation and exercise is so unique and uplifting and healing.

May Al Najjar

GoddessCourse Compilation - Living Goddess Course
Would you like to unlock your female body so that you can live your full potential?

Who is this workshop for?

    • Are you unable to attract a healthy relationships or live in loneliness because you believe your happiness depends upon another?
    • Do you give away your sexual energy in order to feel loved and then feel used, disrespected and unloved?
    • Feel exhausted because you have gotten caught in a paradigm of over caring and doing for others instead of being supported and nourished?
    • Do you compare yourselves to other women or get jealous because you don’t know how to cultivate your uniqueness?
    • Do you live in anxiety because you are unable to trust your intuition or inner guidance?
    • Do you have body image issues or eating disorders in an attempt to perfect the outer beauty instead of the inner beauty?
    • Do you live in anxiety because you are unable to trust your intuition or inner guidance?

In this two day workshop you will:

  • Claim yourself as a sacred being.
  • Discover the four essential rites of a Goddess
  • Cultivate your sexual energy to be a source of vitality.
  • Heal the wounds of your matriarchal line so that you can move forward in your life.
  • Claim self love as your greatest superpower.
  • Heal the female shame, guilt and unworthiness that may be stored in your womb.
  • Explore ecstatic embodiment and awaken the sensual energy pathways of the female body.
  • Discover how to blossom joy through your body with breath, sound and smiling.
  • Claim your power and discover where you leak your energy.
  • Nourish your body with the sun, moon, stars and earth instead of sugar.
  • Learn to stand in the core of your power so the life you love magnetises towards you.
Be prepared for your feminine soul to be deeply nourished!

LONDON: 6-7th July 2018

Time: 9am – 5pm daily
Prerequisite: None
Includes: Manual, refreshments, a bag of crystals to perform the rituals and crystal layouts.
Instructor: Vanya Silverten, Master Energy Healer and Trainer

Where: Plough Studios, Clapham Common, London, SW4 9NS


Vanya Silverten works internationally as an intuitive energy healer and teacher. With clients and students from over 40 countries, she has a passion to help individuals transform all aspects of their lives. Her greatest joy is to teach people the skills of healing and intuition so that they can master their own lives. Vanya believes healing is an art, and so has refined her gifted intuition through the experience of treating, reading and teaching 10,000+ people.

Vanya is a Master Theta Healer and has taught over 130 courses in four different countries. She has developed the energetic understanding of how the body, mind and soul functions through her extensive training and experience. She passes this knowledge on by teaching and qualifying students to become practitioners of Theta Healing®

Vanya is also a qualified Nutritional Therapist. She has studied and worked extensively with herbs, vitamins, homeopathy and Australian Bush Flower Essences. Vanya is experienced at helping her clients overcome food allergies and sensitivities, hormonal and nervous problems. She encourages vibrant health and well-being.

Vanya has recently become a mother to a beautiful daughter. This life changing experience has deepened her appreciation of being a woman.


Please bring: Yoga mat and a cushion.


Living Goddess Course: 1

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Living Goddess Course: 1 & 2BEST VALUE

£ 650

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