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Meditation Afternoon, Cacao Ceremony & Soundbath

Calling the Masters of Healing, Transformation and Awakening


Join us for an evening of Meditation using the Theta Healing® technique and to awaken your true authenticity and let that shine to the world.

We open with a Cacao Ceremony with gratitude for the blessings of this year, and setting powerful intentions for 2020.

Gong Soundbath will break through all resistance to stepping into your power and purpose.

Discover one of the most effective and life-changing forms of energy healing and personal development. Feel instant changes in your beliefs and feelings with this energy clearing session.

Access deep states of relaxation, awakening and divine inspiration.

Calling all spiritual teachers, guides, healers and leaders for transformation and awakening. This very exclusive event is designed to embrace your powerful essence to manifest a miraculous life with Theta Healing®.

We’ll be teaching you the Theta Healing® Meditation which is the first step in the process to create a healing. You will have an opportunity to heal yourself on any challenge in your life. By learning to access the divine wisdom that is within you, you can receive answers to any questions.

Raw Cacao Ceremony is a powerful heart opener that paves the way to transformation through self-love. Cacao has been used for centuries to unlock euphoric states, release negative emotions, and connect to pure heart energy. This is your is an opportunity to connect to yourself and open your heart to deepen your understanding of who you are, release old patterns and traumas, or move into a more self-confident space.

VIP TICKET: PandoraStar Advanced Light Machine

Featuring 12 stroboscopic LEDs that offers a fast, safe and easy way to reach deep trance states.

Personal Development With PandoraStar - Meditation Evenings
  • Guide the brain into a Hypnagogic state in minutes
  • Simulates the transition from wakefulness to sleep, when the brain is susceptible to altered states of consciousness like Lucid dreaming, Out-of-body experiences and Astral Projection
  • Reach a deep trance state and switch off the outside world
  • Completely safe and easy to use. (Not suitable for people with epilepsy. Do not drink alcohol or take drugs at least 48hrs prior)



Engage with Industry Thought Leaders

VanyaSilverten Portrait2019 - Meditation Evenings

Vanya Silverten

Master Theta Healing® Instructor & Practitioner, Cert Science
AnnaKitney Portrait4 - Meditation Evenings

Anna Kitney

Master Theta Healing® Instructor & Practitioner, Cert Science
Todd Acamesis Headshot - Meditation Evenings

Todd Acamesis

Soundbath Facilitator, Astral Projection Instructor

Dec 14th, 2019

Time: 2pm – 5pm (Doors open at 1:30pm)
Host: Anna Kitney, Vanya Silverten & Todd Acamesis

Investment: £37 per person or £60 for 2 places (Online ticket sales end at 12.30pm on 14th Dec 2019)

VIP Ticket: PandoraStar Stroboscopic Light Machine: £75
Includes front row seating. Bonus Sensory Experience – PandoraStar offers a fast, safe and easy way to reach deep trance states. Please bring a yoga mat, pillow and blanket. (Not suitable for people with epilepsy. Do not drink alcohol or take any illegal drugs at least 48hrs prior)

Online tickets only. Tickets cannot be purchased on the door.

Where: Fora – Spitalfields – Folgate St. 35-41 Folgate St, Spitalfields, London E1 6BX, United Kingdom

How to prepare for this event

  • You can bring a yoga mat, blanket and pillow if you prefer to lay down. Alternatively you are welcome to receive all the healing seated.
  • Set an intention for what you wish to heal
  • Spread the love by sharing this event with friends
  • This will be a large event, so please arrive early to take your seat. Doors open at 1:30pm and will close at 2:15pm. No entry will be permitted after this time as meditation will begin at 2:00pm.

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Terms & Conditions

  • Bourgeon’s events are filmed & photographed. By booking this place, you agree to be filmed and photographed.
  • Doors open at 1:30pm and will close at 2:15pm. No entry will be permitted after this time to avoid disturbing others during the meditation.
    Please arrive early in order to secure the best seat. Seating is on a first come first served basis and cannot be reserved.
  • No self promotional material will be permitted at the event.
  • No sound or video recording of the event is permitted, other than authorised by Bourgeon Ltd. You can however take photo’s during the event.
  • Tickets are non-refundable, but they are transferrable to a friend for the date they are issued.
  • By booking these tickets you agree to the terms and conditions listed above.


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