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Thank-you for Enrolling onto the Life Awakening Course Package

Comprehensive Self-Development & Energy Healing for Everyone


Here are your next steps!

Your next steps

  1. Check your inbox for your confirmation email. We’ll be sending you a series of emails with instructions on how to get onto the Zoom calls. Check your junk mail folder. Or you may have misspelt your email when you placed the order. If you didn’t get your email, just contact our office.
  2. Set up your free zoom account. https://zoom.usDO NOT SHARE the zoom link with anyone.
  3. Set up your Free dropbox account where our course materials are available for download – the course manual and handouts.  You can print these out ahead of time or view them on your PC during the class.
  4. Order your three Theta Healing® books. These are COMPULSORY materials as part of this course. Your instructor will be referencing these. We strongly recommend you read the books prior to starting the course, giving you a head start on the course material. Of course, the instructor will go through all the exercises during the calls.
  5. Double check the date and time zone of your classes and put them into your calendar.

What you'll learn and discover over these 8 life transformative days

Including all your bonuses

What you'll learn and discover over these 8 life transformative days

Including all your bonuses

Class Rules

Very important

Class Rules for Zoom Calls

  1. 100% participation. When you put in 100%, you’ll get 100% back. It’s a universal law, what you put in, you get back.
  2. Show up on time. There will be breaks throughout. Set your timer on your phone so that you’re back in class on time.
  3. Do not view the zoom calls on your mobile phones. Please use a laptop or PC for the best experience. That way, you’ll have access to all the chat features and enhance interactivity.
  4. Not using mobile while in classes (avoid distractions)
  5. Show up for all lessons or you’ll not certify.
  6. This is 70% practical – healing swaps are part of practical learning. You’ll be learning how to give healings and receive healings. We’ll have assistants in the calls to support you.
  7. Be back on time from breaks – to be ready for break-out rooms.
  8. No laying on bed during class. Be at a table or desk for the classes – professional and attentive throughout
  9. If you’re taking the class at home and you have children, arrange for a babysitter or partner to take care of the children whilst you are in class. You need privacy and a quiet space.
  10. Calls are NOT recorded; you must be present for the live classes.
  11. No illegal drugs or alcohol during class. It impedes performance. If you are found to be under the influence, you’ll be asked to leave the class without a refund.
  12. If you are on medication, please keep taking your medication. After the class you can speak to your doctor.
  13. Notify assistants if you need to leave the class due to an emergency. So your break-out partner is not waiting for you!
  14. If you get stuck in swaps, ring the bell for assistance. (The instructor will review how to do this on the day of the class) If instructor does not come immediately, she is helping some else and will get to you as soon as she can.
  15. This class is an intense healing process – you will get triggered. It’s part of the process. Persist and move through this. At times, it might be emotionally painful, teary angry, defensive, or get angry at the teacher. It’s just your stuff showing up. Be committed to the process, allow yourself to go through the healing process. Your stuff may show up in the days or weeks before the class begins. Your subconscious knows this, and is preparing to release old stuff.
  16. We have a lot of material to cover in 8 days. Be present, pay attention. There will be time for questions.
  17. At the end of the class you are welcome to share your contact details with other students, and continue doing healing swaps for ongoing growth.
  18. Double check the date and time zone of your classes and put them into your calendar. If you are taking this class in the evening, be sure to take naps during the day, so that you can be attentive in class in your evenings.  e.g. Australia is a day ahead of the UK. Again, if you fall asleep and miss more than a few hours you will not certify.
  19. Lastly have fun! Get a journal to document your personal self discoveries and transformations. Set powerful intentions for what you wish to heal during these classes.