Attain your highest vibrational connection with the 7th Plane. DNA 3 is the knowledge of how to move and change non-organic and organic matter, as well as how to work with the mitochondria in the cell to have instant transformation. Delve into telekinesis, remote viewing, align your eternal molecules and work with the elementals to influence weather.

Prerequisite: Basic DNA, Advanced DNA, Dig Deeper & Intuitive Anatomy
Includes: Practitioner Manual, refreshments

In the DNA 3 class, students learn the awareness that we can step out of your own paradigm and witness a transformation using the mitochondria of the DNA. DNA 3 is to master the knowing that everyone is creating their reality, and with the proper knowledge can step out of it at will. DNA 3 is when the Energetic-DNA has learned all it can and it is presented to the Creator to show what has been learned.

Side effects of the Theta Healing® DNA 3 Course:

  1. Release of toxins in the body and emotionally
  2. Your circle of friends will change and evolve… again.
  3. You’ll start to connect with your Soul Family and Star Seed Family
  4. You may start to read people’s minds, and you may get your feelings hurt when people think things about you.
  5. You’ll return to the innocence and wonder of a child, as you see through world through purity.
  6. Miracles may happen, so get ready for your life to change. Be ready to let go of your secondary gains to disease and illness.
  7. Your healing abilities magnify as you attain new virtues, so belief work becomes simpler.


12-16th June 2019

with Anna Kitney

Time: 9am – 6pm
Teacher: Anna Kitney
Where: Grange Strathmore Hotel, London, SW7 5NB

dna3 - Theta Healing® DNA 3 Course

In this 5 day course you’ll discover and learn:

  • Line Up the Eternal Molecules
  • Deeper Resentment Work
  • Water Exercise- change the taste of water from salty, to neutral, to sweet
  • Witness God/Creator transform a person to wellness
  • The Force Field that holds objects in place – telekinesis
  • Know Thyself – Belief Work
  • Create your future – changing your possible future
  • Spiritual Bi-location – To instantly travel from one place to another.
  • The Power of Words and thoughts manifesting instantly.
  • Changing the weather
  • Finding and balancing your element; fire, earth, air, water
  • There will be belief work, digging and downloads.

This seminar is 75% practical experience

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