In the ThetaHealing® Planes of Existence Course you’ll learn how to master virtues and overcome your vices to raise your vibration to awaken to self-mastery. Channel ascended masters and leaders of the past to bring powerful lessons for your own life in the now. Experience attributes from animals through shape shifting in advanced crystal layouts. This course takes the ThetaHealing® Rainbow Children’s course and ThetaHealing® DNA 3 course to a whole new level of understanding to prepare you for enlightenment and ascension to master your reality.

Prerequisites: Theta Healing® Basic DNATheta Healing® Advanced DNATheta Healing® Intuitive Anatomy
Theta Healing® Basic DNATheta Healing® Advanced DNA, ThetaHealing® Dig Deeper, Theta Healing® Basic & Advanced DNA Instructors (instructors training is with Vianna Stibal the founder of Theta Healing®)

Seminar Includes: ThetaHealing® Seven Planes of Existence Book

The Theta Healing® Planes of Existence is the wellspring of philosophy that is behind all the seminar and books of ThetaHealing®. By learning the structure of the Planes of Existence, Vianna was shown that it was possible to create new realities in this lifetime and why she was creating difficult situations in her life.

The Planes of Existence Seminar is the quantum mechanics of metaphysics. In this seminar, we’ll take you into dimensions beyond this universe… to what she believes to be the beginnings of life itself.

Take you on a journey that leads outward past the universe … to offer the conception that with a theta state of mind it is possible to go beyond the speed of light with the power of thought …to connect to a divine energy before it becomes anything in this universe.

This course includes excursions on some of the exercises to explore the planes.

RUSSIA: 19 -23rd Oct 2017

Oct 19 10:00-19:00
Oct 20 18:00-22:30
Oct 21  18:00-22:30
Oct 22 10:00-17:00
Oct 23 14:00-22:00
Teacher: Anna Kitney, Cert Science & Theta Healing® Master Instructor & Practitioner
Where:  St Petersburg, Russia, with excursion to the Zoo
Investment: 32’000 Rubles (
Language: Taught in English with Russian translation


LONDON: Summer 2018

Time: 9am-6pm daily, 5 days
Teacher: Anna Kitney, Cert Science & Theta Healing® Master Instructor & Practitioner
Where:  London, TBC, includes excursions
Investment: £795

Planes of Existence Course
Theta Healing Planes of Existence

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ThetaHealing® Planes of Existence Course with Bourgeon

In this 5 day course you’ll discover and learn:

  • In-depth explaination of the 7 Planes of Existence
  • The structure of the Planes
  • Thoughts and ‘lite’ thought forms
  • Virtues of Ascension, acquiring virtues and achieving abilities with virtues
  • Principles of the Laws and how to apply them into everyday life.
  • Meet an ancestor and bring forward virtues with Crystal Layout Exercise
  • Crystal Layouts and it’s applications
  • Channel an Ascended Master or leader from the past and bring forward virtues with Crystal Layout Exercises
  • Advanced Crystal Layouts for healing
  • Learn your Sacred names for each of the planes
  • Connect and share space with an animal and shape-shift to bring through attributes
  • Understanding of vortexes, portals, walk-ins, divine timing, death doors, fate changers, tones, bends in time
  • Remember past lives and the future
  • Learn the languages of plants and trees
  • Connect with beings and energies from each of the planes
  • Heal ancestors 7 generations forward and backwards

This seminar is 75% practical experience


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£ 795

£150 deposit
  • Course fee remainder due at start of course
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3mth Payment Plan

£ 999

3 Monthly Payments
  • £333 a month for 3 months with total £999
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