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Assisting at our courses

If you have completed the Theta Healing® Basic and Advanced courses with a certified and accredited instructor you might like to consider assisting on our courses for additional training and confidence building.

This is an unpaid role.


  • Assisting our courses will help you to refresh on the course material that you have learned and deepen your understanding of the tools and techniques.
  • It will also build your confidence as you help and support new students in learning and understanding the material.
  • Assistants may also bring their business cards to class and promote their healing services with discretion.
  • You will receive a re-certification certificate, free of charge.


  1. You have completed the Theta Healing® Basic and Advanced courses with any instructor
  2. You have been practicing Theta Healing® for at least 12 months
  3. You have at least 3 clients of your own that you have worked with using the Theta Healing® modality
  4. You can only assist on a course that you have already taken as a practitioner yourself. You cannot assist while sitting in as a student.
  5. You pay for your own travel and meals during the course. Course refreshments of tea and coffee is included.
  6. Bring your own student manual to class for additional note taking