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Beauty is a frequency not a commodity.

In today’s world, it’s impossible to escape the avalanche of subliminal messages that women receive daily through their phones, computers, magazines, TV shows, ads, billboards, movies and more. Every day, a woman’s subconscious brain is imprinted with thousands of images that insidiously tell her how she should feel, look, think, and act as well as what she should eat, wear, drink, and watch.

This relentless brainwashing has one main purpose, and that is to keep you believing that there is something wrong with you, so that you keep buying face creams, dresses, mascara, etc. Women have also been taught to sexualise their appearance and that they must appeal to others instead of themselves. We are peddled everything from handbags to celebrity perfume. As well as being convinced that our lives will be better if we have silicon implants in our breasts, fillers injected into our lips, botox into our wrinkles, and our body fat sucked from those so-called ‘problem’ areas.

When a woman buys into these distortions she denies her true self and forgets to feel the unique beauty that shines from within. Instead she is taught to reject herself, is made to feel uncomfortable about her body, and told that her sexuality is not sacred. She is made to feel that something is wrong with her, that she is too fat, too ugly, too old and from a young age is subliminally programmed to compare herself to other women. It is not surprising that as women we yo-yo in and out of low self esteem, confidence and body image depression. This yo-yo in emotions further exacerbates yo-you dieting, and the cycle of self loathing, comparing and eating with anxiety continues.

FitAbs - Beauty, Sexuality and the Pursuit of Perfection

The following things happen when a women absorbs all these distortions about female beauty and sexuality:

When a woman forgets about the loving and natural beauty of her heart, she becomes more prone to anxiety that centres around ‘I am not good enough.’ When you reject yourself, you begin to feel incomplete. This creates emotions like loneliness, shame and guilt, which slow the body’s metabolism, creating lethargy and weight gain. When you sabotage yourself from existing as your true self, you forget how to radiate your unique beauty.

Sexualistion of the Body

When a women is taught to sexualise her body, she learns to project her sexuality out of her body to gain approval from other people, usually men, instead of understanding that her sexuality is a sacred force of vitality. When sexual energy is cultivated in the right way it actually gives a women the ‘glow’ and ‘radiance’ that all beauty products pledge to offer.

A woman’s intuition is dulled every time she listens to advertising instead of listening to the wisdom of her own body. When she believes that something outside of herself knows better that what her body needs, it stops her natural ability to be an intuitive eater. It stops her from being able to listen to what her body needs to eat and when. When one is out of sync with eating, digestive problems, bloating, and constipation develop. This of course continues the cycle of ‘there’s something wrong with me.’

These industries are selling beauty as a commodity but beauty is actually a frequency. They tell us that bigger lips will make as feel more ‘sensual’, that being a size eight will make you feel ‘joyful’, that using that celebrity perfume will bring ‘abundance’, and that extreme dieting with bring ‘health and vitality.‘ The truth is that all of these feelings can be created with out having to buy one thing.

Once you shift your mindset that beauty is actually a frequency, you begin to look for new ways to generate these feelings. You begin to remember that you are an amazing woman who has healing abilities to awaken ‘joy’, ‘sensuality’ and ‘vitality.’ You start to realise that you have the power to makes changes within.

Here are 6 easy ways to awaken beauty as a frequency:

  1. Awaken your senses of touch, taste, sight, hearing and smell so that are trained to experience more beauty. Make time to smell the flowers, cover your body in rose oil and dance until you feel joyful.
  2. Stop comparing yourself to other women, instead begin admiring them. If you see beauty in them you will notice your own unique beauty more.
  3. Light a candle everyday for one week and take 5 minutes to sit in meditation. Reflect upon what it means to be a sacred sensual woman. Gifting yourself time to feel your beauty will help you embody it.
  4. Turn your beauty regime into a ritual and lovingly celebrate your face and body every time you moisturise or put on make up.
  5. Dive deep into your subconscious and release the subliminal messages from advertisements and media that keep you trapped in illusion.
  6. Transform your limited beliefs until you ‘love the temple you live in.’ You can muscles test for some of the many beliefs we will be working on in the Theta Healing® Rhythm class.

‘I am ugly.’
‘I am fat.’
‘I have to reject my body to fit it.’
‘Every one else is more beauty than me.’
‘I feel uncomfortable in my skin.’
‘Beauty is bought.’
‘My body is wrong.’

‘I radiate my beauty.’
‘My beauty is unique and magnificent.’
‘My sexuality is sacred.’
‘I accept and love my body exactly as it it.’
‘My body is a temple’
‘It’s safe to feel beautiful in my body.’

© Copyright 2017, Bourgeon Ltd. Written by Vanya Silverten.