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We feed our bodies everyday to survive. Plenty of clean water, fresh fruits, vegetables and organic food is going to keep our bodies in good working order.

So how often do we feed our mind?

What we are exposed to daily in our environment affects us. What we read in the newspapers, what books we read, what websites we visit and what people we listen to. We consciously or unconsciously allow ideas, thoughts and beliefs to enter our mind.

When we reflect on 2009, for many of us we think credit crunch, recession, natural disasters, redundancies and many families loosing their homes. But for some, it was a fantastic and prosperous year. Their business grew, they renovated their homes, their families flourished and they were able to benefit a lot of people they employed.

What were these people reading, what websites were they visiting and what advisers and mentors were they listening to? Mostly likely the ones that saw the circumstances around them as opportunities, rather than obstacles. All truly wealthy individuals know that abundant prosperity is only lasting when you benefit others.

For 2010 choose what you feed your mind. Just as you feed your body, take time out each day to immerse yourself in something that will grow and develop you as a person. It could be a great book, a seminar or workshop, a website of inspirational quotes, or a chat with successful advisor.

Here are my recommendations for “Mind Food” for 2010

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