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Woman are incredible creatures and the female body is exquisite in design.

Naturally intuitive, highly sensual, wonderfully magical with a great ability to create life and heal life in all forms.  These gifts all generate from a woman’s ability to birth love into life. She is a keeper, creator and lover of life, and she has the ability to bless life with her words, thoughts and actions. It is her ability to maintain love in all areas of her life that activates her path into sensual enlightenment.

Sensual Enlightenment is the ability for you to fall in love with yourself so much, that the divine universe is able to make love to you. It is through this path that a woman learns to become her own soul mate, where she dares to love herself more than anyone else can. It is a path where she claims her sexual energy as a sacred force. Then cultivates it to move through her body, and out of her crown, so that she can connect to the heavens around her.

Sensual Enlightenment is a path that encourages every woman to discover and honour her inner beauty, until it becomes her outer radiance. From this position a woman can feel empowered to shine her magnificence and bless life where ever she goes. Sensual Enlightenment teaches a woman to ignite all of her senses, so that she can fall in love with life so much that her body temple opens with the ecstatic joy of living.  Sensual Enlightenment is an embodiment of heaven in a woman’s body.

This path begins as soon as you choose to love yourself more than anyone else can.

It requires that you become your own soul mate and that honour yourself as a sacred being. Once this occurs the relationship with your sexual energy will change.  No longer will you suppress or give it away to serve others, instead you will use it free your body, heart, mind and soul.  Your sexual energy is designed to sublimated into spiritual energy, thus making it an essential ingredient to experience enlightenment in a very sensual and divinely beautiful way.

When your sexual life force learns to flow through the body, every single cell in your body will blossom with joy, just like a flower opening to the sun.  To have your sexual energy make love to every part of your body provides rejuvenation, renewal and aliveness. Your heart, your feet, legs, hands, ears, eyes and nose all need to be nourished by your sexual energy, and it is through this process that your skin will glow and your beauty will shine.

Training your sexual energy to travel up from your genitals to ignite your heart  will help you to fall in love with yourself so that you can become your own soul mate.

Then, it will be the potent fuel that opens your heart to fall in love with life. It is from this position that you will be able to encourage all of life to fall in love with you. Syncronicities, opportunities and miracles will take place more easily and your ability to manifest will improve because it is your sexual energy that will help imprint life to create and reflect your heart’s desire.  When your sexual energy moves toward the top of your head, you will help your body defy gravity and this will promote anti ageing. Finally when your sexual energy shines out of your crown and connects to the heavens, you intuitive and healing abilities will awaken. This will give you profound spiritual insights to help you navigate through life and discover your life purpose.

Sensual enlightenment is a rite of passage that every women needs to take herself on in order to feel whole, complete and awakened.

It is a beautiful and magical journey of discovering the self in a divinely feminine and deeply sensual way. Sensual enlightenment is the path of love from the perspective of the exquisite female body temple.

Here are some simple ways to begin you path into Sensual Enlightenment:

1.  Choose to love yourself more than anyone else can.  This is not something you do once, it is something you do over and over and over again.  It means that choose to be kind to yourself, that you change your criticism into encouragement, and that you honour your truth first.  Action: Take yourself out on date.  Get dressed up, go for a meal and learn to enjoy your own company immensely.

2. Claim your sexual energy as a sacred force. Your sexual energy is a life force designed to sublimate into spiritual energy.  This is achieved when you train your sexual energy to move up to your heart and then to your crown.  Action: Do the ‘breathing your sexual energy through you charkas’ exercise, and notice how much more energy you have in your body.

3. Learn to fall in love with life.  As you love yourself more, you become open to loving life.  It is through this process that you activate heaven to exist all around you.  To be in love with the flowers, the sun, the moon, and the stars will teach you that life itself is blessing you with abundance…..and there is so much abundance for you, if you open your being to receive it.  Action: Have gratitude for every nuance of life that surrounds you. Smell the roses, feel the rough bark or trees, receive warming light from the sun, and  smile at everyone that passes you by. Use your senses to fall in love with life.  A heart that is filled with gratitude is able to receive more life blessings, attract more miracles and manifest dreams into reality with ease.

4.  Take yourself on a guided journey that will teach you how to unlock the sensual magic of your body layer by layer, petal by petal. If you are called onto the  woman’s path of love, then Sensual Enlightenment Online Sanctuary is for you.  It is a workbook, workout, beauty treatment and soul awakening all rolled into one.

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