In this 2 day course we discover beliefs that we have accepted precisely because of the family and genetic lineage into which we were born. We let go of ancestral beliefs that no longer serve us. We become able to more completely love and accept ourselves, and in this way we come to know ourselves as beings of light. The ties we have with our family may either limit our freedom or bond that make us stronger.

Prerequisite: ThetaHealing® Basic DNA & Theta Healing Advanced Course
Certification: You will be certified as a Theta Healing® Family Ties Practitioner, allowing you to use these skills as a practitioner if you choose to.

This course offers you the opportunity for deep and intensive healing on toxic and painful family issues.

Through better understanding of the beliefs and programs of family and ancestors we can free ourselves from various obligations and duties that were never ours to begin with, and formulate a new sense of identity and direction in life based on our own true goals and aspirations.

Resentment, anger, abuse, trauma that you experienced in your childhood, as well as that experienced by your direct ancestral line. This NEW elective course delves specifically into core and genetic programming that is holding you back from living in your true potential. Shed the painful layers of the past so that they no longer define you.


30 June -1 July 2018

Time: 9am – 6pm daily
Teacher: Anna Kitney
Where: Bourgeon at Price Studios, 110 York Road Battersea, London, SW11 3RD


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In this 2 day Elective course you’ll discover and learn:

  • Clearing resentments toward your parents
  • Identifying energetic patterns in your family and clearing family issues
  • Releasing vows and oaths to follow in the footsteps of your ancestors
  • Explore your beliefs about different family relationships; your concepts about marriage, in-laws, being a son or daughter and sibling rivalry.
  • Explore soul family relationships through past lives, and clearing past lives vows of marriage to soul family members.
  • Energetic divorce and soul fragment retrieval.
  • Mediumship with your ancestors to explore past promises
  • Healing the Baby in the Womb with a deeper exploration of emotions during this crucial time.
  • Remembering the intention in having been born into this world, and why you choose your particular family and the genetic lineage
  • Integration with your higher self

This course is 75% practical experience

Begin healing your ancestral past create a more loving future


£ 297

£97 non-refundable deposit
  • Remainder due 1 week before start of course

Family Ties - Recertification

£ 150

Pay in Full
  • If you have already completed this course and wish to recertify, or attend again to gain more healing and deepen your knowledge.