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Do not give your power away.

There are people in our lives that we call the ‘Dream Stealers’. They attempt to steal your thunder or gusto for an idea. They try to pull you down, talk you out of it or simply make you feel that you’re not good enough to pull it off.  Eliminating or reducing exposure to these people is the first step. I love this quote by Bob Proctor “Don’t go as often, and don’t stay as long”.

The dream stealers in your life may be your closest family who may have your best interests at heart. Friends or work colleagues who are simply jealous may also try and pull you down. Do not give away your power, do not give them permission to steal your dreams! These well meaning family and friends have self-limiting beliefs in the way that stop them from seeing the potential that you can see. That potential that you can see within you and the potential in your ideas.

Amateurs compete, professionals create.

Jealousy and judgement is deeply rooted in a self-limiting belief of lack and scarcity. They believe that you have something they want, but cannot have or are unable to do themselves. This creates a competition energy which can be very destructive. The truth is that we all have unique gifts and talents to share. Focus on what you do well, and don’t worry about the competition. Be innovative. Look a the Apple Computer brand. Do you think they really worry about the competition?

At some point in your life you might have made other people’s opinions of you more important than your own. You wanted to belong and fit in. When you asked “What do you think?” they gave you their opinion which may have made you feel felt defeated or upset. People change their opinions like they change their underwear. It changes from day to day!

If you only look to others as a way to validate yourself, you will be on the constant emotional roller coaster. Going from praise and joy to disappointment and sadness. You only have to look at the tabloids to see who is ‘in’ and who is ‘out’ in the celebrity world.

“To see the truth, I look within.” – Anna Kitney

Start by changing these self-limiting beliefs:

“Other people’s opinions matter more than my own”
“I doubt my own truth”
“I am always wrong”
“I have to be wrong to be loved / to belong”
“I have to be perfect to be loved / to belong”

When you discover that it’s just another persons opinion, rather than the highest or purest truth, then you are free to seek your own internal truth about yourself or your idea. Check in with yourself and see if you agree with what the other person is saying or is it their fear, jealously or judgement.

The need to prove yourself

You may be obligating others to hold you back because of your own fear about success and taking a risk. If you are triggered by the ‘dream stealer,’ ask yourself “What am I afraid of”.  One of the most common excuses I see in my healing practice is when a client says, “My partner won’t let me”or “My partner doesn’t understand”. Once you clear your fear, you can release obligating your family and friends to hold you back. They may not necessarily agree or understand with what you are doing, but if they truly love you, they will support you.

Ascended Master and Goddess Quan Yin (Kuan Yin) for protection and forgiveness.

“Release your judgements about yourself and others, and focus on the love and light that is within everyone.”  – Doreen Virtue

Shield your energy from others who are negative through the protection of love, compassion and forgiveness. Avoid speaking ill of others, or even harshly to or about yourself. Let go of the need to be perfect, to live up to the exceptions of others. Be true to yourself.

Be the burning flame for others.

When you allow yourself to fully shine, to be who you really are in your true authentic self, then you become a burning flame for others. Imagine a single lit candle in a dark room, that is you. Now imagine that candle lighting a second candle. The light from the first candle is not diminished, but now you have two flames illuminating the darkened room. Both candles burn brightly.

Now imagine lighting a third, a fourth… a hundredth candle. Your single flame is now illuminating the entire world. Now your light will never go out.

© Copyright 2015. Anna Kitney.

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