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Making a decision can sometimes be the hardest thing to do. Especially when we feel there is a lot at stake. Moving jobs, changing careers, moving house or deciding if this is the right man or woman to settle down with. You may weigh up the pro’s and con’s to help you decide. You might ask your friends and colleagues what they think. You may even base your decision on what the economy is doing or how much money you have or haven’t got. All of this guidance you are seeking for your life is outside of yourself. You look to the ‘outside’ for what is really an ‘inside’ job.

In this video I talk about accessing your inner truth and wisdom, by connecting with the heart. By centering yourself in your heart, you begin to become aware of how you actually ‘feel’ about the situation. This means switching off the logical or analytical brain. The truth will feel light and expansive. A lie or untruth will feel dense and closed. If there is a fear of knowing the truth, you will emotionally feel blocked and the heart will attempt to open, but with resistance.

It is our fears and the past that stops us from accessing our truth

All those past experiences that you have judged as mistakes, failures, fears and regrets are like to emotional baggage that you carry with you to the next experience. All of these will influence your perception of what is going on right now, regardless of the real truth. It’s like seeing the world through foggy or scratched sunglasses. If you felt you made ‘mistakes’ with lovers in the past, you’ll be cautious of opening up to your new soul mate. If you lost money in a business venture, you may be reluctant to start another opportunity. If you tried loosing weight with a diet and put it all back on soon afterwards, you’ll resist trying a new diet for fear of being disappointed. The past is tainting your perception of the now.

The trick is to learn from the past and move on. Each of those ‘mistakes’ or ‘failures’ is a blessing in disguise. If we keep punishing ourselves, we miss the gift of learning. When we let go of punishing ourselves for the past, we free ourselves to infinite potential. With each new experience we learn and grow. Trust that there is a great purpose for you.

Getting into a happy place to make better decisions

Whenever I need to make an important decision, I access the wisdom of my heart. I begin by anchoring myself in a happy place or happy thought. My children bring me joy, so that is my anchor to my truth. Then, I immediately think about that important decision I need to make and wait for my heart to reveal the truth.

If there is a fear in knowing the truth, it’s just the limiting beliefs that have been created from past experience. Here are some examples;

“Last time I opened up in a relationship, I got hurt.”
“Last time I tried to start a business, I lost a lot of money.”
“Last time I tried to loose weight, I put it all back on.”

Change your beliefs and transform your life

When you realise that you can instantly transform your limiting beliefs, to supportive and empowering ones, you change how you feel and therefore how you act in a situation. Your mind is only trying to protect you from feeling pain again. Ask yourself “What would I do if I knew I could not fail?”

This question can reveal your truth, get you excited about moving forward in life and give you the courage to try again.

Post your comments on this video below. How do you make good decisions?

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