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I am about the share one of the biggest blocks to success, and how to transform it to have more money, have better relationships and have abundant health.

In the last 8 years we’ve helped thousands of students internationally who have gone through our in person courses, and private sessions. Theta Healing® is a rapidly growing modality with over 650,000 practitioners registered worldwide. We help spiritually motivated women and men who are life coaches, healers, and therapists, to make more money, have better relationships & abundant health.

Part of my personal mission and purpose is to train spiritually based entrepreneurs to take empowered actions so they can get their greatest work out in the world.

One of the biggest energetic blocks I see in people is the inability to receive or accept support.

And it starts with our mindset. Most people are afraid to receive or accept support, for fear of been seen as a burden, inadequate or stupid. They are suspicious of others and lack trust. People may even obligate others to let them down, so that they can do it all themselves to prove they are worthy. This patterning stems from early childhood programming when you may have felt let down or abandoned by friends or family, either emotional or physically.

And the kick-back for not getting support, and having to do everything yourself?

No one can let you down, so you don’t get abondoned, you don’t get hurt, and you get to have control and feel safe. So now you have a belief, that “it’s safer to be alone, than to let someone in the love you or support me”.

By doing everything yourself, you get to prove you are good enough, worthy enough, and you’ll get all the credit. So now you have a belief that says “I have to it all to get recognition and respect”. Can you see how growing or scaling your life or business on your own might be holding you back?

Imagine you have a four seater oak dining table. You wish to move it across to the other side of the room. Could you move it yourself? Most likely. You might drag it across the floor. Scratch the floorboards. But you did all by yourself.

What if you have one person to help you. They grab one side, you the other, and you both carry it across the room. It’s easier right?

What if there were four of you, it would be much lighter, faster and easier still. Now, because you had 3 others helping you, does it mean that you don’t know how to move the table yourself? Of course not, it’s just easier with more people.

But this is how I see many entrepreneurs attempt to build their businesses. All by themselves. And this is why they struggle. In the video blog above I explore some to these beliefs of unworthiness which keep people stuck. Fears of scarcity. The illusion of needing to be perfect to be loved or belong.

Richard Brandson does not sell airplane tickets or fly aeroplanes.

Second, by getting support, it actually cheaper. Years ago I realised that when I cleaned my house, it was costing me over £300/hr. When I was painting my daughters bedroom, it was costing £300/hr. And in all honesty, it was a messy job. Paint got on the carpet, window sill. I painted outside the lines. £300 was my hourly rate back then as a therapist. By hiring a cleaner, a book keeper, web developer, and support team in my company, it freed up my time to see more clients, teach more classes, serve more people, and spend more quality time with my family.

You must value your time, and how you wish to spend it.

So it might be cheaper for you to get a web developer to build your website. To hire a part time virtual assistant to help you with the admin parts of your business. A phone answering service to take all your calls, so you never miss a sales opportunity. Then you can focus on serving clients with your gifts and talents.

Exercise – eliminate, simplify and delegate

  1. Start writing down all the daily tasks you do for the next 2 weeks. Then look at what you can eliminate. What are you doing, that actually is not bringing you results. That’s just a waste of your time.
  2. Next, what can you simplify. As adults we have a habit of over complicating thing in life and business. What can you streamline and systemise to make it smoother and more flowing.
  3. And finally, what can you delegate. Review that list and outsource tasks that are actually costing you more money to do yourself.

Support is such an important component in any area of life, whether its a soulmate to share your worries, hope and dreams with. Or family to support you with childcare and child-rearing. To support of great teachers, mentors and coaches for your personal self development.

Model someone who is doing what you wish to achieve.

When you are open to receive support is gives you sense of community, being taken care of, and been open to receiving abundance instead of repelling it.


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