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Releasing Your Upper Limit

In my Money Series i’ll share the idea of the ‘income ceiling’ and how this is subconsciously determined by your mindset. I was first introduced to the idea of this internal thermostat and how this internal regulator kicks in just as we approach that upper limit, by a mentor I worked with some years back, John Kanary. He talked about the thermostat that we all have, the internal limit or gauge that determines our level of happiness and our level of income. He described it as like a setting, that if we go over that default setting, we break out of our comfort zone.

What happens when we break out of our comfort zones?

We subconsciously self-sabotage to put ourselves back to our last setting.

This happened to me many years ago when I was working in the design industry. I was working on a big project for a property developer and at that time I invoiced the agency monthly, with an average invoice amounting to around £2.5k. A large development project was coming to completion, I issued the agency an invoice for £10k! It had been the biggest invoice I had ever issued and I was ecstatic. I thought I had finally broken my upper limit and was convinced that now I was well on my way to earning £10k every month and guess what happened? The money stopped. The agency stopped sending me jobs. I had no income and this went on for approximately four months.

So essentially, I had reset my internal thermostat and put myself right back in my comfort zone of what I had felt I could earn. It was incredibly frustrating. It’s the same in relationships, if things are going too good, we find a reason to sabotage it, ending the relationship and going back into that comfort zone – or safe zone.

This self-sabotaging behaviour is not intentional, but a response to our on subconscious level, based on self-limiting beliefs. Sometimes the beliefs go back to childhood when perhaps you were compared to a sibling and always felt inferior or not as worthy to receive all the money or all the love. Sometimes it goes back even further through many generations where race and gender determined a hierarchy of who was worthy and who was not. You will frequently find the root of the cause in the present day where you may be surrounding yourself with people who do not value you or diminish your feeling of self-worth.

What can you do?

  1. Time leverage – reach out for help and support
    Sometimes we think we’re being smart and money savvy by doing all the work ourselves and not having salaries to pay but actually, this could be what is holding you back from moving forward! As I started in business, I was doing everything myself and working long hours for a modest sum of money. The moment, I started to bring a team on board, I leveraged my time by getting support. I no longer felt like success was a burden because, with a team, I could delegate which allowed me to focus on growing my business and making more money. My success grew and after a while, I hit my new upper limit which I am now trying to break through. So to do that, I’ve enlisted the help of a highly experienced business coach who will support me to the next level.
  2. Celebrate the little successes – accept the praise, accept the compliments
    It is important to celebrate successes, milestones, even little ones. When you reach a certain point in your career or your life, celebrate with something that makes you feel good. A glass of champagne, a spa day or time out with those you love. Celebrate and let people around you enjoy the success with you.
  3. Clear the subconscious thoughts that are making you self-sabotage
    Watch the Youtube video that accompanies this blog – Money Series – Breaking Through the Income Ceiling. Experience the energy clearing for yourself and learn how to practice Theta Healing® on yourself and others.
  4. Moving from the comfort zone to the stretch zone
    Whenever you first move out of your comfort zone into the stretch zone, it’s natural to feel uneasy and lacking in confidence. For instance, remember when you started learning to drive and everything was an effort – changing gears, indicating, and now all of these things come naturally. You don’t even need to think about it. When you hit the stretch zone, the self-doubt usually kicks in. The more time you spend in the stretch zone, the more confident you will feel and self-doubt and sabotage will begin to fizzle out.
  5. Evaluate your circle of friends
    The people we surround ourselves with are the biggest influence on our life. Motivation speaker, Jim Rohn says: “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” So if you want to increase your income, make sure your circle reflects your aspirations.

Transform limiting beliefs into empowering beliefs

The power is within you to change your life and it all starts with transforming your beliefs. Shake off the self-doubt, the self-sabotaging behaviour and grab every opportunity to create the life you’ll love. Theta Healing is a powerful modality that helps you identify and release deep-seated limiting beliefs that have been holding you back. These beliefs may have been ingrained in you due to past experiences, societal conditioning, or setbacks you encountered. With Theta Healing, you can access the theta brainwave state, connecting with your subconscious mind to rewrite your beliefs and create new pathways to success.