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Annual Clearing and Manifesting for the year ahead

During the month of January I do my annual energetic cleansing, decluttering and space clearing. Releasing old unwanted energy of the previous year and creating and manifesting for the New Year. I release all the resentments, rejections and regrets, freeing up more energy and focus towards more positive things in life.  I then burn the pages for the final releasing.

Then I write down my goals for each area of my life. You can refer to the life wheel diagram below. I write short-term goals (3 months -1 year), long term (2 years – 10 years) and my life vision statement. This helps me to get into alignment with my life’s purpose and motivates me to see small progress towards something greater. I then manifest the desired outcome in the theta state. I get passionate and engage in the vision.

Taking action is a very important step; as the universe is in constant motion. I take immediate and daily action towards my goals, whether it’s 5 mins to send an important email or a whole day instructing a class. I then feel I am making progress and I see it in my results, which propels me further to pursue my long-term vision.

Clear the Clutter. Make Space for the Good that You Desire.

Clutter is defined as anything that is no longer loved, not useful or that is not kept in an orderly manner. Broken, damaged furniture or decoration in your home. Clothing that you haven’t worn in years, that no longer suits you or fits you. Out-dated or unread magazines, unwanted presents, folders and paperwork in your office. And when you run out of space, it ends up in the loft, garage or spare bedroom. And consider your handbag, briefcase, car and email inbox? All this clutter slows the energy in the room and it’s flow from room to room. And therefore into your home or business.

It could also be people and friendships that no longer serve or support you in your life. You may have changed and evolved as a person, changed your priorities or your simply no longer compatible. It could also be the less tangible clutter such as the emotional baggage that you’re carrying around. The resentments, regrets and rejections about life and the people in your life, past and present. It could be the limiting beliefs that keep re-hashing in your mind, that keeps you stuck. It may be your schedule that is keeping you very busy in useless or unproductive activity. Thoughts of the task we haven’t completed, missed appointments or opportunities and ideas that we hold onto, but don’t do anything about.

People with clutter tend to have health challenges, particularly with weight, but also money issues as well. They feel everything is a struggle, they are stuck in a rut or loose their motivation, passion and creativity. All this is stagnate energy, which is reflected by the clutter around them. It literally drains your energy.

Consider that the clutter maybe serving you in some way. We come onto this later in this blog.

The Vacuum Law of Prosperity

Nature abhors a vacuum. This is especially true for prosperity. The vacuum law of prosperity states that if you want greater good, greater prosperity in your life, start forming a vacuum to receive it.  So, one of the fastest ways to manifest prosperity in your life is to create vacuums.

Get rid of what you don’t want and make room for what you do want. Bob Proctor tells a story in his Born Rich programme, where he recommends that a couple get rid of curtains in their home that they don’t like. The couple insist that they do not have the money to get new curtains, and Bob’s response was “you won’t live in a fish bowl for very long!”. He knew about the power of the Vacuum Law of Prosperity. Sure enough, the couple manifested the money for new curtains, which they loved. The next time he visited the couple they had gotten rid of their sofa in the living room!

As soon as you clear the clutter, the law will dictate that it be filled. Set an intention to fill it with wealth and love. Perform an energetic space clearing right after de-cluttering. Everything is energy, so you want to clear the energetic clutter in your home. This could be the remnants of energy left behind after you have let go of the physical clutter, or energy left from the previous occupants. By space clearing you can create a space for new things to come into your life.

When I am feeling overwhelmed or unfocused with work, I look around my desk and office.  Clutter piled all around me, on my desk and my computer desktop. When my space is cluttered and disorganised, I feel scattered and disorganised. I make it a prioritity to clear up immediately.  I put everything in piles on the floor that relates to each category. File the paperwork and recycle the outdated paperwork. I then write a to-do list, in order of priority which helps to focus my activity. I focus on just the 6 things to do in 1 day. And I don’t move onto the next item, until the first one is completed. This avoids feeling overwhelmed.

Letting Go of a Lesser Vibration to Receive Something of a Greater or Higher Vibration

If you have been manifesting for things in your life and they haven’t appeared, it is because you need to release and let go of something to make room for it. New energy finds it difficult to flow easily into a cluttered situation. It literally becomes stagnate. And without the momentum to flow, your life may become stagnate also.

Decluttering with Theta Healing - Decluttering and Space Clearing for Abundance

Imagine Scenario A: messy and cluttered home, boxes in the hallway, paperwork over the dining table, clothing all over the floor, expired food in the fridge and a garage dumping ground. How does that make you feel?

The person may trip over the boxes and have to walk around them to get from room to room. They may eat from the coffee table because they can’t be bothered to clear the dining table. They don’t respect their clothing and can never find any clean clothing to wear and their diet is probably suffering. Their career maybe stuck or they may feel overwhelmed by their workload. This is perhaps an extreme example, but you get the idea of how clutter can influence someone’s life.

DeclutteringHome - Decluttering and Space Clearing for Abundance

Now imagine Scenario B: books neatly stacked on bookshelves, polished furniture, sparkling clean windows, a cleaned dining table with a vase of flowers, freshly washed and neatly folded clothing in a wardrobe with draws, trays and hooks and fresh, healthy food in the fridge. You may immediately feel lighter and more optimistic about life. This person feels like they have their life sorted. When you are surrounded by a clear and organised space, you feel more expansion and in control.

Remember that the outside is just a reflection of what is going on inside.

How to Begin the Process of Decluttering

1. The first thing is taking responsibility for creating it in the first place. This is not about blame as this is a lower vibration. By taking responsibility, you empower yourself to change it.

2. You may need to identify how it serves you. Then you will find it easier to let the stuff go. This is crucial if you have tried to declutter in the past and failed.

  • Does it keep you in the illusion of safety by hoarding?
  • Does it stop you from moving forward because your holding onto the past, or
  • Does it distract you from looking at the truth of a particular situation


You might like to light a candle for this exercise. Sit in the middle of your clutter, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. With each breath feel yourself relaxing and expanding your consciousness into the cluttered space. With your eyes closed, put your hand of your heart and ask yourself;
“How does this clutter serve me?” 
and wait for an answer. You may get one or more responses from the truth in your heart. Be open to receiving it, because when you do, you will be liberated from it. You will then be free to let it go without resistance.

3. The next step is deciding when you are planning to clear it. Set aside some time, perhaps not all in one go as this task will seem overwhelming and you will procrastinate. Begin with one room at a time. You may call upon help of a friend or decluttering service to support you in this process. It may take courage to let go of some of the ‘stuff’ and habits you have been holding onto. Decide what you will throw away, what you will recycle, give to a charity shop, sell it on eBay or pass onto a friend. Commit to a deadline for when you will complete the decluttering process. Start with one room at a time, so you can see the progress. This will motivate you to continue through the rest of the house. Aim to let go of a minimum of 10% of the stuff in your home as soon as possible. It will then get easier to continue as the energy will build momentum, and new energy will begin to flow into your life.

Energetic Space Clearing

  1. You’ll need some frankincense and myrrh incense sticks. If you can get hold of frankincense rocks, even better. Light a couple of incense sticks and walk through the home, smudging each room and each corner. Pay particular attention to where clutter tends to accumulate, such as under the stairs, under the bed, and in awkward or unusable spaces. Do this with a clear mind, focusing on bringing in clarity, purity and harmony into those spaces through the power of intention. Remember, everything is energy, including our thoughts.
  2. Clap around the room to sense where the negative energy remains. When you clap in an area of negative energy, you will get more of a dull clap instead of a sharp and crisp one. Continue to clap and this will move and re-distribute the energy, making it easier to clean out.
  3. Connect to divine source energy. You can use the Theta Healing meditation or any other technique you are comfortable with.
  4. Make the command the energetically clear the whole house and the surrounding land. Intuitively watch and witness this clearing taking place. You may see it as vortex of beautiful glowing light moving through each room on each floor as it cleans out your entire house or space. It may stay a little bit longer areas that have dense or very negative energy. Don’t be concerned with what it may be, just witness it clearing with grace and ease. Be sure to include the garden, inbetween the floors, garage, the loft and basement. You may also be guided to go beneath the earth, go as deep as you are guided to. You may see earth stress or contamination of the land. Just witness it to completetion.
  5. Lastly, charge each space and the objects with whatever quality you want it to embody. Love, harmony, unity, security and protection. Here is where you can get really creative. You can assign each item in the home with a specific task. You could charge the bed that you have a restful night’s sleep. Charge your home office to be productive and your computer to be reliable. Charge the doorway to automatically clear negative energy from visitors. Charge the sofa that is comfortable and creates family unity. Charge the fridge that it keeps your food fresher for longer. I use this opportunity to cleanse and charge all the crystals I have in the home.

Getting Into Action

If you are holding on to something negative, there is no room for the positive to come into your life.  So when people come to me for Theta Healing Sessions because they are looking to manifest prosperity in their lives, I ask
“What are you still holding on to that you need to release?”

If you want some new clothes, clean out your wardrobe. If you want a new job, be ready to let go of the old one and clear your limiting beliefs of lack. If you want more love in your life, give love to others first. The universe can’t give you something if your hands a full. The universe is abundant, the only lack is in your mind. To receive prosperity and abundance, create a vacuum to hold it, and you will attract it. You can become a magnet for all the things you want, by letting go of the old, letting go of the past and letting go beliefs.

Written by Anna Kitney
© Copyright 2013

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