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iStock 000005634040 small - DNA Activations with Theta Healing - Awakening Your Dormant Intuitive PowersOur bodies are made up of organs. Those organs are made up of cells. Within the nucleus of each cell in our body we hold our DNA. Our cells and it’s contents are made up of molecules. Molecules are made up of atoms. Atoms are energy… therefore we are Energy.

With Theta Healing® we heal the person with energy from ‘The Creator of All That is’.

A Theta Healing® practitioner works with the DNA on an energetic level. One of the techniques Vianna Stibal was shown by the creator was the DNA Activation.

The DNA Activation opens our intuitive gifts, it also allows us to survive the environmental poisons created by man. As a species we are evolving and waking dormant parts of our spiritual DNA. For some people this may have already happened spontaneously.

In the activation, we are activating strands to the DNA and its existing 46 chromosomes. This is done to the master cell located in the pineal gland. Inside the master cells are the youth and vitality chromosomes.

Vianna believes that the youth and vitality chromosomes maintain track of the seconds, minutes and hours of the day for the body. They also contain memory materials called shadow strands. When the youth and vitality chromosomes are activated, the practitioner will energetically witness the ladders of the DNA rebuilding with rainbow light. This chromosome is responsible for our staying young. After the DNA Activation during one of my Theta Healing® Basic classes a 50 year old women restarted her menstrual cycle.

After an DNA Activation, we are making cellular changes to the body. The body will begin purging toxins, old energy it no longer needs to hold onto. Some will experience a healing cleanse as the toxins release on all levels; spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. Some may experience cold-like symptoms, or body aches. It is suggested to take supplements after an activation consisting of chelated zinc and calcium.

Once the DNA Activation is done, it is recommended to do this for your partner or spouse so that you will both shift vibrationally together. It is possible that they maybe activated by sleeping next to you, as cells communicate with each other. This may take several months.

The power of your words

After the DNA Activation your words and thoughts have more power. It is important to stay positive and affirm that you have abundance coming into your life. Surrounding yourself with positive and like-minded people will make this much easier and more stimulating for you. Supporting you in your personal growth and development.

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