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Did you know that the business you are really in is actually marketing and selling health services.  Your role is to become an expert at communicating  to your target market exactly what it is you can do to help them.

If you think of everyone as your potential client, you’ll have no one as your actual client. You need to get specific as to who you would like as a client, this is called your niché. Having a  niché makes your marketing far more effective when to speak to a specific audience. If you’re trying to talk to everybody, you’re talking to nobody.

  • Who would you love to work with?
  • What would your ideal client be like?
  • Do you want to work with women entrepreneurs or gifted children?

This is called your customer avatar. Get clear and get specific.

Before Anything Else, Start with Your Mindset

Are you running your business with strategies created by a mindset of desperate fear of going broke? By now you should have realised that success is an inside job. You need to be committed to the inner journey, no matter how long it takes. Decided on a long term commitment to success, from an abundant mindset.

All the advertising, marketing, branding, business networking, hard slog will not make any substantial or sustainable difference to your business success, profits and income until you:

  • Transform your beliefs about who you think are in your business.
  • Change your beliefs about how you think about your business.
  • Stop listening to everyone else and stop following the crowd.
  • Create a healing practice that is fully aligned with who you are at the core of your very being
  • Start working in a way that is natural to you that actually gets results.

If your business activity begins to feels hard … STOP!

That’s an indicator that either;

  • Your timing is off
  • The strategy you are using is not aligned with your core values,
  • Or you’ve got a self-limiting belief that needs to shift before you move forward with grace and ease.

There is an over-whelming amount of information out there about growing your business and making money, but does it actually work? I have read and tried many strategies, some worked, other didn’t and cost my business a lot of time and money. I hope to save you many of the mistakes I made in business when I first started out.

Amateurs Compete, Professionals Create

Let go of competing with your fellow therapists and practitioners. This energy will hold you in a scarcity mentality. There are plenty of clients and students for everyone. Avoid bad-mouthing other therapists in order to get business, as karma will bring this energy back to you. If your intentions are not honourable it will reflect badly for your reputation and your business. Soliciting the fans and friends of other healers via facebook is also poor practice. Attract your own tribe of followers, with your unique message.

Lifting text and images of another therapist website is an infringement of copyright. Google will also penalise you in the search engine optimisation, so it won’t help your business online. Write in your own words, in your own tone, in your own brand. Write from your heart.

Woman At Coffee Shop - Growing Your Healing Business

Get Your Attention Off Accumulated Debt

Focussing on getting out of debt, is focus on debt. Rather, focus of abundance and prosperity. Be aware of debt owing and take action towards paying it off, even if it’s in small steps. This will help you to feel empowered and moving forward in your life and business. By focussing on abundance and prosperity, ideas and solutions that vibrate on this level will enter your awareness, so that you can take better actions.

If you are desperate for the money, the potential clients will pick this up energetically and it will repel them. Let go of needing the money from your clients. Manifest it, and let go of how it will come to you. Be open to unexpected sources of income.

Decisions and actions taken from a place of fear or desperation will result in negative results. Don’t punish yourself for the current state of your financial affairs or lack of clients.  Just know that what ever financial state you are in, it’s not permanent. And stop looking back at your past unless you achieved financial abundance.

Never Sell Your Soul to Create Money

Do not try to sell something that you don’t really believe in just to get some money. Taking an extra job you hate and force yourself to put up with it. Or lowering your prices for healing sessions out of desperation, this is one of the most destructive strategies for your business. It becomes very difficult to raise your prices, once your clients are used to paying your discounted rate.  You’ll begin to feel disempowered and resentful. Only pursue activites that are in alignment with your true values, your heart must be in the right place.

Step Outside Your Comfort Zone and Explore Your Potential

Most people tip-toe through life, hoping they’ll make it safely to death”
– Bob Proctor

It’s easy to fall into a pattern of doing only what you need to get by. Challenge yourself regularly to go outside your comfort zone. Hire a coach or a mentor that will cause you to think BIG. When your not following the crowd, taking a risk, you’ll create unique and amazing results in your life and business.

Check in With Your Higher Self and Spirit Guides for Advice

As an energy healer you can connect with your Higher Self. She/he knows you better, than you know yourself. She/he will have ideas that you may not have considered. An eagle eye view or perspective on your strategy that might just need tweaking. Connect with your higher self and ask her/him questions about your business approach or strategy.

A few years ago, I requested and manifested a new spirit guide to help me with my business. To this day, I still intuitively work with him in my healing business. I also have medically trained spirit guides who work with me in sessions with clients that help me to see, recognise and work with illness and diseases in the body.

SpiritGuide - Growing Your Healing Business

Future Readings on Most Likely or Probable Outcome

As an Theta Healing® instructor I often do future reading on the outcome of my classes. I ask to see how many students I will have so I can book the appropriate hotel room. I ask if there will there be any challenging students, or students how will require more help or assistants. This helps me to be better prepared when I teach.

You can ask the Creator to do a future reading on the current business strategy you are creating. You’ll be shown if it generates more business and clients for you. You can ask to see the type of clients it attracts. All valuable information before you begin to implement it live in your business.

Connecting with Your Why. Clarity in Your Vision

You became a healer because you love to help others. You are a sensitive soul that has a deep yearning and desire to heal others and yourself. Deep inside your DNA is the blueprint for your life purpose, your divine timing and your unique talents and gifts. You can find this blueprint in the master cell in the pineal gland that is connected to the Akashic Records.


Connect to the Creator or the 7th plane with the Theta Healing® technique, then command to see your Akashic Records for this lifetime and make your notes here. Trust your first impressions, let go, detach, just write down the first things that enter your mind.

Begin Your Business With Clarity in Your Vision.

What kind of healing practice do you most wish to have?  For example;

  • Work from home just 2 days a week with women and children with abuse
  • Work as an independent therapist in a complementary therapy clinic, evenings and weekends with corporate executives
  • Employed fulltime in a cancer recovery organisation
  • Helping to connect people with their life purpose and rewarding careers

Write that vision now.


© Copyright 2017. Anna Kitney, Bourgeon.

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