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Change is the only constant.

One of the most common fears is the fear of change. Moving outside of our comfort zone can seem one of the hardest obstacles to over come. That comfort zone can represent security, safety, protection or familiarity. Worst still we can adapt to the comfort zone of being uncomfortable. For example, putting up with job you hate because it pays the bills. Or tolerating abuse for the fear of being abandoned or being alone. That comfort zone then becomes our prison we build ourselves in brick by brick.

In nature and the universe, change is the only constant. The grass grows, children are born and others die, and our planet circles round the sun as our galaxy travels through our expanding the universe. It is through embracing change that an instant healing occurs. Taking a leap of faith, to step into the unknown, and trust that everything will be okay when we get to the other side. The willingness to step out of the comfort zone and into a joyous adventure that we call life.
Do you trust that Source Energy is taking care of you? In this video blog I share a quick and simple mantra to help you let go of attachment and align yourself more in faith with Source Energy.

The art of detachment

We must learn to let go in order to receive. Whether it’s material objects, an experience or an awareness, we must be willing to let go. Letting go does not mean giving up. Letting go is surrendering to the universe for the highest and best to be delivered to you. If you hold too tightly, hands clenched, how can the universe then gift you? Open your hands to receive your manifestation or something greater. And detach from the ‘how’ it’s going to come to you. Hand that over to Source Energy to orchestrate. If you get attached to the ‘how’ and try to control the situation, this will in fact limit how much you receive. Let the universe conspire to make it happen and how it happens.
We also hold tightly when we are trying to control the outcome, or attempting to control or suppress our emotions. Our internal emotional guidance system aids us in or journey through life. Whether we call then bad or negative emotions, these need to be acknowledged. Anger, rage, jealously, sorrow, grief, sadness and guilt all need to be faced. It’s when we bury these emotions that problems arise. When you allow yourself to see anger, you can then examine what you are really angry about. You may discover it’s something else altogether.

Start from a relaxed emotional state

In your naturally relaxed state, it’s impossible to have a negative thought. You have to let go and everything will fall into place. The more you place yourself in that relaxed state, you’ll feel vibrationally closer to happiness and joy, the more trust and faith you will have in your order being delivered.

These are just a few suggestions for activities that can place you in a relaxed and happy state;
Swimming, dancing, walking, yoga, meditation, massage, eating out with friends, listening to your favourite music, a weekend away, being out in the sun, playing with your children or pets…

What other’s can you think of?


I have a couple of mantra’s that I use to help me let go. The first is;
I let go and let Source… (deep breath)
I let go and let Source… (deep breath)
I let go and let Source… (deep breath)

I allow Source…
to work through me…
with me…
and around me… (deep breath)

The second is simply;
I let go to receive

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