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Would you like to feel great and feel fabulous in 2016?

New Year’s resolutions, everyone does them but only 8% of people are actually successful at obtaining their goals. The 92% of us fail within the first week or two, and are left only with excuses to make us feel better. “I will start tomorrow”, ‘ or “just this once”. or “I was having a bad day” becomes the inner dialogue.  Unfortunately this only brings deflation and decreases the desire to change and transform, and so the inner dialogue continues to spiral down into “I don’t have willpower”“It’s safer to fail”“who cares anyway”, and “I will never change”.

Next the emotions of guilt, fear, shame and low confidence kick in and all of sudden you give up. Sometimes this chain reaction happens so fast, that you don’t even notice yourself collapsing into defeat. Then before you know it, another year has passed and you are still making the same resolutions knowing that you will spiral down the same path, and the drama continues.

“This year I will loose a stone in weight”
“I am going to stop eating wheat and dairy.”
“I will join the gym and exercise everyday.”
“Only salad for lunch.”
“No more alcohol and cigarettes.”
“I promise to watch what I eat.”

So what can we do to truly create transformation in our bodies and our lives?

The first step is to enhance your intention to goal process.  That means you have to progress from having a simple linear motivation to a more holistic one.  For example, your intention might be to get back into your skinny jeans, so instead of just focusing on eating less and exercising more, a holistic goal approach would encourage you to bring change to all aspects of your life so that new energy is cultivated to bring motivation and therefore success.

In Tibetan Buddhism such an approach is known as ‘Lungta’ or ‘Wind Horse’ in English. It refers to the quality that all people possess to accomplish things they intend.  It is a radiant confidence that combines vision, goodness, power and dignity. It’s an energy that generates inexhaustible creativity, resourcefulness, and power.  It is the knowing and inspiration behind success, it dispels obstacles and radiates charisma.  Wind Horse in our lives makes us courageous and heroic, it allows as to manifest our goals.  All of these qualities combine help us to transform our bodies and our lives. It is important to highlight then when our bodies are functioning optimally  we are more able to achieve our life purpose.

We cultivate Wind Horse through intentions, being true to our word, taking action in what we value. Getting up when you say you will, going to bed early, eating right and exercising.  If we don’t take action towards what we value then we spend the day carrying around the energy of disappointment and regret.  ‘I should have’ and ‘I could have’ or ‘I will do it tomorrow’ creates a drip in your energy.

When we ‘drip’ we are leaking life force and experience life harder than it needs to be. We loose suppleness and creativity.  Our thinking becomes foggy and our perception clouded. We feel lethargic and dress in ways that are unattractive. We become loose with our tongue, our thoughts and attract people of the same energy. Then we reach for things to distract or comfort us, like TV, sugar or alcohol. Finally our thoughts become more concrete in ‘this is how I am’‘things never change’‘life is not working for me’.

Cultivate the Wind Horse in 4 easy ways.

  1. Enrich your environment – pick up rubbish, light incense, bring flowers into your home, de clutter.  When our environment sparkles energy is attracted to us.  Practice leaving every place more enriched than your arrived.
  2. Care for you mind – question your thoughts and opinions before acting as if they were true.  Ask your self are my thoughts fused with ego, lack, fear, anger, jealousy? Witness your thoughts first and then act from a more loving and enlightened space.
  3. Appreciation and Gratitude – look for what you can authentically appreciate in your circumstances.  Rest in what is very blessed in your life rather than trying to grab the next thing.
  4. Generosity – its not about wealth but be energised enough to care for yourself and others, this creates energy.  And the more fuel you have the more energetic life becomes.  Have you noticed when you are kind and loving the energy bounces back at you?

So this year Wind Horse your new year’s resolutions.  Out with denying and being strict. In with cultivating energy, passion and a precise intelligence to attract goodness and avoid toxic situations.

So here are my 6 Top Wind Horse Activities I apply when I am wanting to feel better in my body.

  1. Celebrate my body through dance. I choose at least one song a day to shake it all out and get my energy flowing.
  2. Eat a rainbow of fruit and vegetables everyday – lots of fun during the dark winter months.
  3. Bless every glass of water with a new affirmation. Then while drinking I visualise the positive vibes going into my body and the new information rippling through my cells.
  4. Check my posture everytime I look in the mirror.  By pulling in your core muscles and straightening your back you can instantly look 5kg lighter. Easy!
  5. Phone a Theta Healing® Mate.  Yes, there is nothing like getting to the core of your subconscious drama and transforming it!
  6. Hang out with friends and spend the afternoon giving each other compliments.  This is a sure way to boost energy and confidence.  In fact, this become such a tradition that ‘compliment cards’ where made to ensure we maximised the praise given.  I will be bringing them to the Rhythm Course on Saturday 16th, so come and play!

The Theta Healing® Rhythm Course is the perfect way to initiate the energy of Wind Horse in your body, so that you feel and look fabulous for 2016.  The course combines a number of techniques to release stuck energy, transform your thinking, rediscover yourself as beautiful, as well as simple ways to release weight that don’t have anything to do with food or exercise.  Rhythm will help you have a new relationship with your body, and this will bring energy and freedom so that you can do more of what you love.

© Vanya Silverten 2016.

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