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Often when I am connected to Source Energy, I receive some profound pearls of wisdom.  This daily mantra will bring you into alignment for your life’s purpose.

This one was given to me recently which I pass onto my Theta Healing® clients. I recommend you use it every morning when you wake up, and say it to yourself when you get stressed, frustrated or confused.

It doesn’t matter if it’s said aloud or silently in your mind. But allowing it to become part of your daily ritual.

I let go and let Source… (deep breath)
I let go and let Source… (deep breath)
I let go and let Source… (deep breath)

I allow Source…
to work through me…
with me…
and around me… (deep breath)

Feel your self becoming centered. Expand your awareness with each breath. Imagine every molecule and atom within your body expanding out;

  • past the room your in,
  • the city you live in,
  • this planet,
  • the Milky Way galaxy,
  • the universe and all the lights
  • to the energy of creation, the energy of all that is…

Repeat this mantra 2- 3 times until you feel balanced, calm, focused and a sense of oneness. And repeat this during the day if something or someone throws you off track.

You can substitute the word Source with God, Universal Intelligence, Creator or whatever term you are comfortable with.

It is in the emotion of surrender that this mantra will work for you. And surrender does not mean giving up or compromising. Surrender simply allows the highest and best to be delivered to you from the universe.

Because, when you ask it is given.

The simplest things often work the best… Honestly.

In our modern day society we have complicated life. We have become so busy, often we forget to stop and actually enjoy the moments that each day brings. Take time to reflect on what is really important in your life. As cliché as it sounds, it’s the simplest things in life that we take for granted which are actually the most important things in our lives. Your family, your health, your fun and joy in life.

This simple mantra will have a profound effect on you mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Try it for 30 days and post your comments below on what good things have happened to you.

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