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“What goes around, comes around” might be one of the most apt expressions to describe Karma. It arises from the universal law that whatever we put out into the universe comes back to us – ‘as you give so you receive‘ or ‘you reap what you sow’ Bad thoughts and deeds return to you. So does kindness, thoughtfulness, love, joy and generosity.

The aim of Karma is to teach us lessons so that we learn to comprehend the polarities of separation and unity. In this process we also learn the broad spectrum of human consciousness, and in turn how to navigate ourselves through negativity to align back to positive oneness.

NOTE: The exercises relate to Theta Healing® Practitioners

Theta Healing Exercise:

Connect to the 6th plane and ask Creator for an explanation of the law of Karma.

Each person has what is known as a karmic body, it is a sum total of all thoughts, deeds, actions, emotions and experiences. It forms an etheric blueprint around the body and interacts with the matrix of reality. As everything must return to a state of balance and oneness, your karma will be reflected back to you in the form of different events, scenarios and relationships until you completely comprehend the effect of any negativity/positivity you have made. For example if you bullied someone and became the oppressor, you would then perhaps find yourself in a job where you became the victim with a boss that bullies you. Thus, helping to complete your understanding of how your original negative action affected another. This is aligned to the cycle of cause and effect, a motion which your human soul must experience.

Theta Healing Exercise:

Do a body scan and ask to be shown the Karmic body. You may find karmic knots, which are located on the spine; these are bundles of dense emotions entangled from negative karma.

Karma has many lessons to teach us: the value of independence, understanding of finances, limitation of oneself, cooperation with self and/or others, self-expression, laziness towards working, abuse of human freedom, family inner action, abuse of sex and sexuality, understanding, compassion, selfishness, indecisiveness, failure to learn about one’s emotional state, power corruption, emotional manipulation and the list goes on.

Theta Healing Exercise:

Muscle test to see if you have karmic learning about the above themes, then do belief work to resolve.

One’s karma can be accumulated in 3 ways:
1. Soul Karma:
It is the akashic records which hold your soul’s karma and it is akin to a library where each book represents a different soul. The akashic records detail the soul’s history, experiences and is informed about which lesson’s the soul has completed and which it has not. It is here that any ‘unsatisfactory learning is marked incomplete. It is your soul, before birth that will decide upon the amount of Karmic lessons it chooses to complete in one life.

Theta Healing Exercise:

Ask Creator what karmic lessons you are learning in this life. Ask for positive downloads to help with your learning.


This is an accumulation of karma passed down through the generations and encoded into your DNA. One can inherit both positive and negative thoughts and emotional patterns, diseases and even fortunes from our ancestors. Family Karma can be the most difficult to resolve because one is constantly moving and interacting with members whom are weaved into the same karma drama. Our aim is to help future generations by clearing the negative DNA patterning and replacing it with new positive understandings. The DNA is constantly rearranging with every though you have, and can be easily taught new ways to be behave through mindful action and thought.

Theta Healing Exercise:

Apply the gene replacement technique or genetic level belief work to help evolve your DNA out of limiting family karma.


It arises from the fact that everything you do conditions your own consciousness. For example if you are constantly angry then your consciousness will be more deeply aligned with the identification of anger. And so every habitual thought, emotion and action adds to the karmic imprint, reinforcing the experience of separation. Meditation and healing practices will help de-clutter this form of karma easily.

Theta Healing Exercise:

Do belief work on a core level to help deprogram old habits.

Now to make things a little more challenging, your soul karma, your family karma plus the karma accumulated from conditioned habit all merge together in one’s consciousness, forming the karmic body, personal identity and in many cases the ego. The up side is that once you release your negative karmic bindings your light body and connection to the divine will increase, moving your soul closer to oneness.

Theta Healing Exercise:

We learn to clear our karmic body through the 4 levels of belief: soul, core, genetic and history. And we increase our light body via the positive downloads. Your ability to manifest abundance will naturally increase as your karmic body dissolves.

The key is to realize that every challenge, opportunity, lesson, serendipity, and grace that our karma brings, is actually training and preparing us to accomplish our greater purpose on earth. By becoming aligned to your higher self and connection to source, you will be
guided at every moment to overcome your karma easily and learn your lessons effortlessly.

Theta Healing Exercise:

Tune into your higher self regularly and develop a stronger connection with it.


“I have Creators definition of Karma”
“I have Creators perspective of karma”
“I know how to identify my karma”
“I know how to learn and progress through my karma easily and effortlessly”
“I am bound to my negative karma (no)”

Written by Vanya Silverten