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This is a great YouTube video from one of Abraham Hicks talks. What we focus upon, becomes our experience. We can choose this consciously or unconsciously. But it is always a choice.

We can simply begin to feel good. Find thoughts that make us feel good for long enough. Usually about 21 seconds. Long enough to shift our energy to allow the law of attraction to bring more things into our life that feel good.

I know it sounds simple. But it works!

Several years ago when I came to the UK, my mentor John Kanary said to me
“Anna, what needs to happen for you to be happy?”
I looked at him blankly, I had no answer to offer him. He replied
“Nothing, you just need to decide to be.”

That was one of the most profound life changing moments in my life. And now as I am older, it has an even deeper meaning for me.

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