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Are you feeling drained, tired, angry or sad for no reason?

The cause may lie in the etheric cords or connections you have with others. These tubes of light are negative in nature and are caused when we give away our energy and power. They drain, deplete or contaminate your energy field. Cords are created by the ego and fear based thoughts. As we interact with others on a daily basis through conversations and experiences we also exchange energy.

Some indications that you may have etheric cords is tiredness, anger and sadness for no apparent reason. Your simply tapped into and connected to the feelings and emotions of another person. Cutting the etheric cords will help you release the negative attachment to others and support your own self healing process through strong and well defined boundaries.
When you cut the cords you are not rejecting or abandoning that person. We are simply detaching the negative, fear based co-dependency to that person. Cords can be re-created with our thoughts and actions, which is why it’s recommended to do this as a daily ritual, just as you would bathe everyday. This is cleansing and detoxifying for your energy field.

Types of etheric cords

Psychic hooks

We create psychic hooks to others in an effort to help them. We attempt to give our own energy or life force to help or rescue another person because we perceive them as weak, helpless, sick or in pain. These appear as cords or tubes of light from the solar plexus chakra area. It’s based on a fundamental belief of
“I need to sacrifice my life, for your life”. 
This belief is fear based, on the incorrect assumption that Divine Source Energy is not enough to help or save another person, and therefore you believe you have to exchange it for your life. You may have made vows and oaths in this life or past lives to do this in a show of humility, compassion or that your self-sacrifice will somehow please God. By cutting the psychic hooks to these people you have given energy to is not a sign of betrayal or abandonment. Leaking your own energy to help someone else is not sustainable and will not relieve the emotional upset you feel at seeing them suffer.

Psychic cords

These are created by others as they tap into your energy field to drain you. These people are known as energetic vampires, a rather negative term which I tend to avoid using. These people are in fear and worry, living in a fear based universe and continually attract drama and trauma into their lives. Some of these people intentionally or harmfully create these cords to you. However, most of these people are simply not aware what they are doing from an energetic perspective. They attempt to draw you into their drama or off load in an effort to make themselves feel better. These people may not be willing or not be ready to detach from their story or drama. Through this fear based story, that they make it real in their minds and recreate more of the same experiences in the future.
These’s kinds of people may have self-limiting beliefs such as;
“I am not safe”
“I am a victim”
“The world owes me”
“I am never enough”
“No one loves me”
“I am alone”
“I don’t belong”
These self-limiting beliefs create destructive, manipulative or painful experiences in their lives in an effort to fill a void that can only be filled by divine love. These people mistake pity for love, especially if they have never felt or known real love. By changing these self limiting beliefs you can be empowered to connect to Divine Source Energy for all your needs.

How to perform etheric cord cutting

Step 1: Identify the people you have etheric cords to

Either write the names of all the people in your life who have drained you or are currently draining you. Or simply make a mental note of them. If their name of face pops into your mind, your subconscious has brought your attention to them for a reason. These can be all those that you created cords with to help them or cords created by others to draw energy from you. Also include the people in the past with whom you drained energy from as well as all hooks you created yourself in an effort to help others.

Step 2: Cutting the cords through energy healing

This can either be done yourself through the Etheric Cord Cutting guided meditation below or by an experience energy healer. When you expand your consciousness out to Source and divine love you can then command that all the cords be cut and released. You might like to ask the assistance of Archangel Michael and witness as he cuts the cords with his sword of light.
This cord cutting healing will not remove the positive cords or connections you have to people. For example, the umbilical cord of light that connects you to your mother or your child can never be cut. They are part of your soul family and these light cords connect you together through time and space beyond this physical existence.
Once you perform the etheric cord cutting, the other person may feel or become aware on some level that you have cut your cord to them. They may contact you in an effort to re-establish the cord. It is vitally important to hold your space and boundaries, as the cord can be re-created.

Step 3: Clearing or releasing self limiting beliefs

Cords can be recreated with our beliefs, thoughts and actions. By changing self-limiting beliefs you can reduce and avoid new cords being created. Beliefs which support healthy boundaries. The following is a few self limiting beliefs you can muscle test yourself for, and change the following:
“I must take on the illness/disease” to heal it”
“It’s wrong to put myself first”
“I have to give away my energy to help others”
“I must sacrifice my life for your life”
“It’s wrong to say No”
“I allow others to take advantage of me”
“I must allow others to use me to feel useful”
“Being used is to be loved”

Soul fragments and soul fragment retrieval

Your soul may become broken or fractured through trauma such as abuse or an accident. Through these experiences we can also create connections to others, objects and land. This may the the reason why you still think of someone years later. Soul fragments can also be lost in past lives or previous incarnations.
Cleansing and returning soul fragments allows for more permanent cord cutting to occur. During severe shock or trauma, pieces of your soul may attach to others, and you may have taken on pieces of their soul. This creates stronger etheric cords which requires trauma release to clear the cord more fully. This is best done with an experienced healer or therapist to fully and complete clear the shock and trauma from your energy field.

Freedom in healthy boundaries

Once all the etheric cords have been cut and soul fragments returned you will feel lighter and more free. You may also see your relationships with these people in a more loving truth. Knowing that when you hold firm boundaries, you are not letting other down or rejecting them. Instead, you can guide these people to take full responsibility for their lives and their actions. Helping them to connect to Divine Source Energy for all their needs. That we do truly live in a loving and supportive universe, when you know how to ask for help, feel worthy of it and know how to accept that help.
© 2015. Anna Kitney
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