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Your Sexual Energy is a Life Force.

Sexual energy means different things for different people, and can be described in the following ways – sensual, erotic, ecstatic, orgasmic, and radiant. Some of us are super connected to it, and others have not yet had the chance to discover it. Sexual energy is more than just for romance and procreation, it is life force that when trained can be used like fuel to bring vitality to the body, a glow to the skin, joy to the heart and vibrant thinking to the mind.

Whatever your journey has been with your sexual energy, one thing is for sure once it is trained to unite with your heart, and then guided to flow towards your crown and connect to the heavens, the sensual magic of the body activates. This is the ecstatic state of being in love with the self so much that the entire universe begins to make love to you.

The reasons why you may be unable to experience your full sexual nature are numerous. Perhaps you grew up in a family where you were taught to fear your body, or learnt as a teenager to be ashamed or embarrassed by it. Maybe you found your sexual nature to be wild and out of control, and often found yourself in compromising situations. Or feel that your sexual experiences to date have been unloving and you yearn to experience intimate love making. Perhaps your libido is low and you no longer feel the youthful spark of vitality. Or you simply long for more!!

The story of your sexual self is just as important as the story your have had with your body, mind, heart and soul. Your sexual energy is a very big part of you, in fact it activates your hormones, drives your reproductive system, and brings aliveness to your organs. Your sexual energy when is has been trained to connect to the heavens, will help provide the energetic scaffolding for more of your soul to exist in your body. This is because your soul is a high vibrational force, that requires the physical fuel to exist in the physical world – and your sexual energy is that fuel. When more of your soul exists you create presence, and when more of your sexual energy exists you create magnetism. Presence and magnetism, are two of the most important qualities that are required to live a dynamic life. Presence allows your energy to impact life, and magnetism allows you to attract life towards you.

Here are some questions you can ask yourself to unlock your sexual story:

1. Describe your sexual experiences in three words?
2. Do you fear or are you ashamed of your sexual energy?
3. What would happen if your sexual energy connected to your heart?
4. What would happen if your sexual energy connected to the heavens?
5. What would your life be like if your soul had presence and your body magnetism?

Instead of giving you sexual energy away in relationships, or using it up under stress. You can through intention train your sexual energy to charge your body just like a battery. Here are four easy ways to energise your body with your sexual energy:

Here are 4 easy ways to cultivate your sexual energy to be a source of vitality.

1. Do the micrcosmic orbit when you meditate.

This Taoist exercise teaches you how to recycle your sexual energy by training it move up the spine, over the head and down the front to store as chi. Through breath work and squeezing the intimate muscles the sexual energy is trained to orbit the body. A great practice which both calms the mind and energises the body.

2. Skin brush with your sexual energy next time you are in the shower.

All this exercise requires is that you connect to your sexual energy, and then through touch and intention guide it travel up the body towards the heart and then the head – just like you would do if you were skin brushing with a loofa. When you do this you are both charging your energy pathways and meridians with sexual life force and you are training it to move up the body. This helps the skin to glow with health and defy gravity, and thus makes this technique an excellent way to promote anti ageing.

3. Smile while you work your pelvic floor.

Exercising your pelvic floor with not only tone your intimate muscles it will also activate your sexual energy to flow. Next time you work your pelvic floor, try smiling when you squeeze. Smiling is an excellent way to encourage happiness and your sexual energy is an excellent way to promote pleasure sensations. A perfect remedy to enhance the mood, tone the body and promote overall wellbeing.

4. Be taught the skills so your sexual energy blossom.

The Living Goddess workshop this July will teach you all the techniques to help train your sexual energy towards the heavens. A beautiful urban retreat designed to make your inner beauty become your outer radiance.  Through a mix of ancient techniques, meditations, rituals, sacred movement exercise and channelled teachings, you will have all the support required to blossom into your unique beauty.

Written by Vanya Silverten.