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Energetic Space Clearing with Theta Healing®

Your home is an extension of you.

Have you ever been house hunting and walked into a home where the vibes didn’t feel pleasant. Whilst other homes felt warm, cosy and inviting. This may be due to the energy that is held in the psychic atmosphere. With Theta Healing® you can clear the energy in the room very quickly and easily. In the following video blog I talk about how negative energy stagnates, how to clear it and practical application for your home and office. You can also listen and download the Space Clearing Meditation at the end of this blog to space clear your home yourself. What I love about this technique is that it doesn’t require any physical tools, which means that you can do this anywhere at anytime.

Everything is energy. And therefore everything carries with it a particular vibration.

Non-organic objects can hold energetic charges or imprints of memories, emotions and feelings. This could be your watch for example and the emotional state you were in when you were wearing it. Consider your home and all the experiences in that space. If there has been conflict, arguments, or a death of a loved one. That ghost imprint may still be occupying that space, long after the event is over. It may be the reason you get in a bad mood the moment you step in the door.

It may be the reason why the building has continous structural problems, or that your not able to sell your home. You many not be sleeping well in one of the bedrooms, or simply avoid some rooms in the house altogether.

Theta Healing® Belief Work On Your Home

In Theta Healing® we do a technique that is called belief and feeling work. A practitioner can download a client with empowering beliefs into the subconscious mind. We can also ‘download’ a home. How do you want your home to feel? What attributes would you like to consciously imprint? Here are some examples of beliefs and feelings you can ‘download’ or imprint your home with:

  • What it feels like to have harmony and love in the home
  • That the home supports everyone’s healing and resoration
  • That the home supports family unity
  • What it feels like to be protected and safe in my home
  • That the kitchen feels nurturing and nourishing
  • What is feels like to get a restful nights sleep in my bed
  • That my sofa and home feels comfortable
  • That the garden is fun and playful
  • The bedroom supports intimacy, love and sexuality
  • The hallway feels inviting
  • That the bathroom is a sanctuary, purifying and cleansing

Special Commands or Programs

I have a special program over my doorway into the home. Everyone that enters is cleansed by a shower of unconditional love. And that all wayward spirits are automatically sent to the light. I want everyone that enter my home to feel good when they come in.

I also have an amethyst geode by the entrance hall. I’ve downloaded it with the job of consistently drawing all the negative energy in the home into the crystal to be transmuted into love.

amethyst geode images - How To Perform Energetic Space Clearing

If you have a special object in the home, you can assign it with an intention using the Space Clearing Meditation below. This may be a sculpture, a crystal, an antique or heirloom.

If your travelling on holiday be sure to cleanse the space there to. You can either do this remotely, and ahead of travelling or once you arrive. You will only be permitted to do this for the duration of your stay and for your room only. Space clearing the entire hotel would require permission from the hotel owner.

Home Office and Corporate Offices

These spaces can also accumulate stagnant and blocked energy. Piles of paper work, high stress and competitive environments and office politics can also contaminate the psychic energy. This will in turn affect your own personal energy field which you then bring home with you. Personal space clearing is an important part of your daily meditation practice, and will reduce the impact on your domestic space. However, I would recommend space clearing the office space if permitted to do so.

Advanced Space Clearing

Old buildings have a lot of history. There may have been trauma on the land on which the house is now standing on. There many have been battle and war, which leaves scars and wounds on the land. There may be wayward spirits or ghost still living there. Soul fragments of the land can be shattered. The land or building may have a curse place on it, that could be hundred’s of years old.   All of these advanced techniques are taught in the Theta Healing® Advanced course and Theta Healing Rainbow Course. I have omitted these healings from the guided meditation, as they require a qualified Theta Healing® Practitioner to do these correctly.

Energetic Space Clearing Meditation For The Home

In this guided Theta Healing® Meditation I take you through cleansing, charging and activating your sacred space. I recommend to do this at least four times a year, with each new season. More often if there is conflict or if there was a trauma that occurred like an accident. There are no physical tools that are required for this space clearing to work. You may however like to light a candle as you meditate.

Clear the Clutter. Make Space for the Good that You Desire.

After the energetic space clearing I would recommend physically decluttering the home. It will be easier after the energetic space clearing. Make a committed decision to release at least 10% of the household clutter including furniture, books, clothing and toys. In Feng Shui, clutter is defined as anything that is no longer loved, not useful or that is not kept in an orderly manner. Fill your home with things that you love. You can read more about decluttering in this blog.

© 2015. Anna Kitney

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