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Reincarnation is essentially a re-birth, a ‘re-entering the flesh’ of the soul, or essence of a person. A common thread in many religions and belief systems which are open to reincarnation, is that the process is meant to ‘perfect’ the soul, by learning to rise above the ‘negative’ and low density human traits such as selfishness, greed, etc, and to heal the past – be that our ancestral past, or own past lives. To learn lessons and see the progression of our souls, to further understanding of the human condition, help others or strengthen relationships such as within our families. To experience and embody the higher vibrational aspects and states of being. Each lifetime will continue the learning, healing or growth.

There are varying terms for the soul, or essence of a person. For example, Buddhists believe that it is the consciousness of a person that reincarnates, rather than the soul.

Reincarnation is mentioned in texts as ancient as the Hindu scripture ‘The Rigveda’ (credited to have been written around 1500 BC). An early Upanishad from the first millennium BCE in India, the Brihadaranyaka Upanishad (believed to have been composed around 700 BCE) mentions that the soul takes birth repeatedly, after periods in the beyond in between each life. The Buddhist text ‘The Tibetan Book of the Dead’ has set out a clear structure of death and rebirth, which covers the topic of reincarnation in depth.

Pythagoras, Plato and Voltaire were supporters of the concept of rebirth, as were Thomas Edison and WB Yeats. In the 1960’s, Jane Roberts, channelled a well known entity called Seth, who described himself as a fragment of a much larger entity, or being, who had previously had many lifetimes on Earth and had now evolved to a state of not needing a physical form. He stated that past, present and future lives exist simultaneously.

Buddhist beliefs are that we reincarnate life after life, conditioned by karma, to eventually reach a state of joy, i.e. Nirvana. Reincarnation is integral to Tibetan Buddhism and virtually all of Tibetan culture. One lives a cycle of life after life, until one has learned what one needs in order to attain enlightenment and be freed from the circle of birth, death and rebirth. Until that time, however, one is born, lives, dies, and according to one’s karma, gets born again into a new life.

Soul Family Roles

Some believe that we are continuously reborn to the same family line (consanguineous rebirth) in different roles, to heal the family line. This school of thought has been supported by some near death experience revelations.

Others that the soul has control over the details of its rebirth, and chooses the body, family it is born into, and life circumstances in which it will be born. In many belief systems, once the soul or essence has completed that journey, the need to reincarnate comes to an end, and it rejoins the higher power, or life force.

When a person has learned all they can, they remain in the blissful realm known as the Summerland, which the founder of modern Wicca, Gerald Gardner, described as the “ecstasy of the Goddess”, a place of constant summer, an endless garden of bliss, life and light.

It is believed by many who believe in reincarnation that souls choose their bodies for specific reasons, entering into (or fulfilling) agreements with other souls to function in the roles of family, friends, lovers, enemies, and that we incarnate into soul groups.

StagesOfButterfuly - Healing Soul Family Conflict Through Past Lives

Evolution of your soul through soul groups

There are many differing definitions and terms for varying soul groups, ranging from soul families, twin flames, soul mates, soul communities – all of whom support individual members through their reincarnation process, coming back lifetime after lifetime.

“Simply defined – a member of your soul group is someone that has a profound, deep and intense impact on your life, whether positive or negative. The person can be in your life for five minutes or your entire life. Time is not a consideration because the things you agree to accomplish before you were born into these lives will play out as they are intended.”

– Nellie Kampmann, Jessica Jewett, Founders of The Center for Past Life Studies

Enemies in this life could have been lovers in a past life

Roles are often switched, in order to teach and learn from each other. Common role switching can be siblings to lovers, parents to children, friends to enemies, male to female. We can have short lived but profound exchanges or experiences with a soul group member, which profoundly changes our lives, or life long relationships with others. This support can take the form of loving and kind nurturing and caring dynamics, challenging and painful experiences.

There are many different beliefs about the composition of each soul group. Soul groups are not just limited to those we love, family members or close friends. People who have a profound negative effect on you are part of your soul group as well.

Some say that the ones who come back as our closest family and loved ones are the souls we don’t know well, and that those who volunteer to be our enemies, or those who teach us the harshest and cruellest lessons, are in fact those souls who love us the most deeply, as it takes an enormous amount of love to hurt others for the sake of their evolution.

Soul contracts before reincarnation

Sometimes we make agreements with other souls to learn important truths. In his book ‘The Little Soul and the Sun’, Neale Donald Walsh talks about how we make contracts with soul family members to abuse us, to teach us lessons.

His story is that of a little soul discussing at length with God about how he can learn to experience who he really is, and what he wants to be in life. He decides he wants to learn and experience what it is to be forgiving, so another little soul offers to do something ‘not so nice’ out of love, so the little soul can experience forgiveness. The friendly soul only asks that he is forgiven for his actions, because he has to lower his vibration so much, that he will forget who he truly is – a spark of God, and may may get lost in the lower vibration.

Essentially, soul agreements are pre-incarnation contracts between two or more individuals, in which relationship and environmental choices are made prior to birth, based on what they want to learn and experience to advance their spiritual growth objectives.

We generally forget our soul agreements at birth, as remembering would make it impossible to follow our chosen paths and learn what we came to learn, and remove the freedom of choice regarding how we respond to others. Some spontaneously remember, and others remember through past life regression experiences. There are an increasing number of documented cases of young children begin born with memories of their previous lives in enormous detail. Often, the dates and facts can be historically verified, and don’t consist of information which the child would have any knowledge of otherwise.

IMG 3744CrystalLayout - Healing Soul Family Conflict Through Past Lives

Past Life Regression with Crystal Layout.

Utilising the ThetaHealing® Meditation and the laying of crystals on the body, the client is taken into a deep theta state to visit past lives and future lives for healing and resolution of issues in this lifetime. This can be done in a private one-to-one session or you can learn to do this on our Crystal Remote Viewing Course and offer this treatment to your clients.

The journey of the soul

There are so many different teachings on what happens to the soul after death, and when it enters a new body before birth. Some religions say that the soul is newly created within a new baby, and those who believe in reincarnation that the soul already exists, and is joined with the physical body at a specific time.

The timing of this differs: from the moment of conception, to 40-90 days after conception. Paramhansa Yogananda in his teachings of the Bhagavad-Gita claims the soul enters the body at the moment of conception and at that moment there is a flash of light in the astral world, and those souls that are ready to be reborn whose vibration matches it, rush to enter it.

The Talmud states that this happens on the 40th day after conception. Some believe that it occurs at 49 days, which is the time that the pineal gland is activated in the foetus.

There is a belief that the soul will create a thread to the body vessel and that around 3 months after conception it will enter the foetus. This is why the first 3 months of pregnancy tend to have the highest percentage of spontaneous miscarriages, as the soul thread snaps, or the soul deciding not become incarnate at that time.

Miscarriages and abortions can be extremely traumatic experiences for the mother and family. However, there is some evidence that subsequent babies after such a loss may be the same souls from past pregnancies.

In Dr Gladys McGarey’s book Born to Live, she recounts a case study about one of her patients, whose 4 year old daughter Dorothy spoke about the last time she was in her mother’s womb, and said “But that wasn’t the last time [I was a little girl]. Last time when I was four inches long and in your tummy, Daddy wasn’t ready to marry you yet, so I went away. But then, I came back.” The mother had an abortion, which nobody except her husband, her doctor and herself had known about.

Near death experiences

A number of different near death experiences have been reported, which have been fascinating for what they demonstrate about soul group support, past lives and individual choice.

A number of books have been written about it. One, written by Dr Penny Sartori, a British Medical Researcher in the field of near death studies entitled ‘The Wisdom of Near-Death Experiences’, documents case studies from her 17 years as an intensive care nurse. Many people reported seeing family members who had previously passed over.

Anita Moorjani, in her book ‘Dying To Be Me’, recounts her own near death experience after falling into a coma as cancer took over her body, saw a past life connection with her brother, and that her husband and she had decided to come into this life together with a shared vision and purpose. During her experience, she was greeted by her deceased father’s best friend, who told her it wasn’t her time to die. She realised that life was a gift, and that she was surrounded by loving spiritual beings, who were always around her, even when she didn’t know it. She realised that her purpose was to live ‘heaven on earth’. She had the choice to return to life, or move into death.

On her return, the cancer shrank by about 70% within 4 days.

Life between lives

“There is a heavenly process which connects souls with bodies to be reincarnated.”

– Plato

There is a common experience amongst those who have experienced past life regression of a life between lives. Dr Michael Newton of the Michael Newton Institute, wrote two books ‘Journey of Souls’ and ‘Destiny of Souls’ describing his life between life findings over 20 years of study and research. he documented consistent reports from thousands of clients of the existence and immense support offered by countless Higher Beings in the inter-life: personal guides and teachers, all ready and willing to guide each person through and between each lifetime.

During this time of being in-between lives, you are reunited with your soul family and recognise and remember them all. Also during each life between lives, you are summoned before your soul council to share your learnings, and choose the next journey, challenges, lessons you wish to experience and life you wish to live and be reincarnated into.

You are eternal

As you travel through time you take your eyes with you. Your soul has seen and experienced many things, both positive and negative in nature. We choose to incarnate for the full spectrum of experiences. For how can we know joy if we have never experienced suffering? It is through this journey that we expand and grow through Divine Source Energy. The purpose of this growth through the human form is to reach enlightenment, Buddhic or Christ Consciousness. When we return to the spirit realm in the 5th plane of existence, there we continue our journey as Ascended Masters to help others ascend and further raise our vibration as souls.

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